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Best WordPress Page Builders to Try in 2023

ByNishat Manzar

Nov 27, 2023

WordPress stands out as a widely acclaimed and user-friendly content management system, particularly beneficial for businesses venturing into the creation of their inaugural website. Leveraging the inherent WordPress page builder facilitates a rapid grasp of web design essentials, empowering users to craft impactful web pages swiftly. However, to delve into a realm of heightened customization, the integration of a page builder extension becomes imperative.

Individuals employ a WordPress page builder as a pivotal tool in crafting websites, embodying a plugin designed to facilitate the construction and customization of page layouts within the WordPress framework. This extension augments the flexibility and functionality available to developers, enabling the creation of distinctive designs even in the absence of prior web design expertise. When selecting a page builder, considerations such as compatibility with the existing WordPress theme, builder type (drag-and-drop or HTML), and mobile responsiveness assume paramount importance.

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Taking into account these crucial factors, let’s explore a selection of the finest WordPress page builders available in the year 2023.

Best WordPress Page Builders

  • Elementor
    • Elementor stands out as a widely popular and free drag-and-drop page builder. Renowned for its user-friendly yet potent capabilities, Elementor has earned its place as one of the most downloaded plugins, offering an expansive library of blocks that can be further enriched with add-ons. The sleek live editor streamlines the design process, with a notable feature allowing users to test page layouts in a mobile view seamlessly.
    • What we like: Elementor’s acclaim rests on its power and flexibility, harmoniously catering to both seasoned developers and newcomers to the WordPress platform.
    • Price: Free for basic features, with premium plans available at $49, $199, $499, and $999 per year.
  • Avada
    • Avada presents itself as a website builder featuring an intuitive drag-and-drop visual interface, facilitating the effortless construction of websites. Not only SEO and mobile-friendly, Avada seamlessly integrates with popular plugins, offering compatibility with WooCommerce, Slider Revolution, WPML, ACF Pro, Convert Plus, and more.
    • What we like: Avada’s comprehensive approach, combining theme and page builder, is particularly noteworthy. The inclusion of numerous pre-built site packs and page layouts enhances its appeal.
    • Price: $60, inclusive of six months of support (extendable to a full year for an additional $18).
  • Beaver Builder
    • Beaver Builder emerges as an exceptional premium page builder tailored for novice site administrators. Its drag-and-drop functionality is complemented by pre-made and customizable templates, alleviating the need to start from scratch. The ability to save customized templates for future use adds a layer of efficiency.
    • What we like: Beaver Builder, a paid option, offers a comprehensive solution for building visually appealing websites swiftly and effortlessly.
    • Price: Premium plans available at $99, $199, and $399 per year.
  • Spectra
    • Spectra, a free and intuitive page builder integrated natively into the WordPress Block Editor, streamlines the design process. Offering a range of useful blocks, pre-made pages, patterns, and wireframes, Spectra facilitates efficient customization.
    • What we like: Spectra’s seamless integration within the WordPress editor ensures compatibility with any plugin introducing its own blocks to the editor.
    • Price: Free. Spectra Pro, soon to be available, will be included in the Astra Growth Bundle (starting at $187).
  • Cornerstone
    • Cornerstone, Themeco’s signature page builder, boasts an intuitive interface providing over 40 page elements as the building blocks of visually stunning web pages. Its compatibility with all themes, including the X theme, positions it as a versatile choice.
    • What we like: Cornerstone’s clutter-free interface, coupled with live previews, facilitates the creation of website designs that mirror the sleekness of the plugin interface.
    • Price: $49, inclusive of six months of support (extendable to a full year for an additional $16.50).


The Themify builder, renowned for its drag-and-drop simplicity, empowers users to personalize nearly every facet of their web pages. Notably, the column and row generator facilitates the organization of modules into a visually appealing grid formation, a valuable asset when crafting product pages for a polished presentation.

A standout feature of Themify is the inclusion of animation modules, offering an extensive array of pre-designed animations. This feature injects vitality into calls-to-action and content, elevating the overall visitor experience.

What sets Themify apart as one of the best WordPress page builders is its impressive range of features, all available without any cost or upselling.

Price: Free.

  • Divi

Divi stands out as a powerful WordPress page builder, providing users with a diverse set of customization options. Noteworthy is its video slider module, enabling the embedding of videos in a rotating carousel, offering a seamless viewing experience for users. Additionally, the audio player module simplifies the integration of audio files into web pages, allowing visitors to play audio clips directly on the site.

For those seeking a comprehensive transformation of their WordPress interface, Divi is a compelling choice, priced at $89 annually or $249 for lifetime access.

  • Page Builder by SiteOrigin

With over a million downloads, Page Builder by SiteOrigin is a reputable and responsive option for WordPress site construction. Its drag-and-drop system, combined with backend customization, caters to both beginners and advanced users. Seamless integration with other SiteOrigin themes and tools makes it an ideal foundation for an all-encompassing system.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin is lauded for its speed, reliability, affordability, and user-friendly interface. The free version offers basic features, while the premium version is priced at $29.

  • Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect, developed by Thrive Themes, focuses on business websites with an intuitive “click-to-edit” approach. Notable features include a countdown timer module for promotional events, emphasizing urgency in customer decision-making.

Tailored for lead generation and conversions, Thrive Architect is priced at $97 annually. The Optimize Bundle, including Thrive Architect and the A/B testing add-on Thrive Optimize, is available at $167 per year.

  • Brizy

Brizy, a relative newcomer, is a drag-and-drop page builder known for its clean and modern interface. The “global styling” feature allows simultaneous changes across the entire site, streamlining full site redesigns. An auto-save function preserves previous versions, facilitating efficient testing of page layouts.

Despite being a newcomer, Brizy competes capably with a free basic version and premium plans at $149, $299, and $329 annually.

  • WPBakery

WPBakery is a popular page builder option, frequently bundled with WordPress themes. It specializes in detailed, complicated layouts, fitting seamlessly with any WordPress theme. The builder’s flexibility and extensive add-ons enhance functionality options.

WPBakery offers two premium plans at $56 and $299 annually.

  • Visual Composer

Visual Composer extends beyond standard page building, allowing users to customize the entire website within the tool. Recognized for user-friendliness and learnability, it empowers users to modify page elements, headers, footers, menus, and widgets effortlessly.

Visual Composer offers five premium plans, ranging from $49 to $849 annually.

  • SeedProd

SeedProd, relied upon by over a million users, features a drag-and-drop interface for swift website creation without code. It offers 100 pre-built page templates, including login pages, maintenance mode, 404 pages, and landing pages, streamlining the design process.

Prioritizing performance, SeedProd is well-suited for quick website launches with premium plans at $39.50, $99.50, $199.50, and $239.60 annually.

  • WP Page Builder by Themeum

Themeum, known for professional themes and plugins, presents WP Page Builder for enhanced site customization. With pre-made templates, customizable rows and columns, and a library for layout storage, it offers strict control over page layouts.

WP Page Builder by Themeum, with responsive designs and flexible add-ons, is available in free and paid versions at $39, $59, and $99 annually.

  • Oxygen

Oxygen, offering a hands-on experience with a drag-and-drop approach, includes programming-specific terms for more technical users. It provides templates for different website pages, responsive modules, and extensive control over site details.

Priced at $129, $199, $279, and $349 (one-time), Oxygen is ideal for website owners comfortable with code.

  • MotoPress Content Editor

MotoPress Content Editor, a simple drag-and-drop tool compatible with any WordPress theme, emphasizes user-friendliness. With predefined layouts and flexibility for content block insertion, it offers enough options for creating engaging sites.

Available at $39, $69, and $139 annually, MotoPress Content Editor suits those seeking simplicity without compromising functionality.

  • Live Composer

Live Composer, a free option, caters to beginners with basic drag-and-drop functionality. While somewhat limited initially, it offers premium extensions and WooCommerce integration at an additional cost, making it a solid choice for those starting out.

Price: Free. Premium extensions and WooCommerce integration start at $49 each for one site.