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Bharat Dart: Blue Dart’s Bold Rebranding of Express Logistics

ByNishat Manzar

Sep 13, 2023

The Dart Plus service is rebranded by Blue Dart as “Bharat Dart.”

Over 55,000 sites provide Blue Dart a wide geographic reach. 

The newly redesigned service, which was formerly known as Dart Plus, was renamed Bharat Dart on Wednesday by Blue Dart Express Limited. 

Blue Dart made this announcement in an exchange filing. The choice to rebrand one of its services to Bharat Dart, according to Blue Dart, was made after a protracted process of discovery and investigation.

The managing director of Blue Dart, Balfour Manuel, stated, “This rebranding signifies an exciting shift for us as we continue to service the entire country. Bharat Dart is the start of a brand-new, exciting chapter for our business and our country.

According to the firm, Bharat Dart is ready to revolutionize express logistics service in India by providing unsurpassed speed, coverage, and support for companies of all sizes.

The declaration comes days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s placard at the G20 summit’s opening referred to India as “Bharat,” sparking rumors of a name change from “India” to “Bharat.”

In Indian languages, India is also referred to as Bharat, Bharata, and Hindustan, which are its pre-colonial designations. Both the general population and government use these names interchangeably.

President Droupadi Murmu this week referred to herself as the “President of Bharat” in a dinner invitation for a reception of G20 leaders, causing controversy.When speaking in English, the nation has always avoided using titles like president or prime minister other than India.

Modi inaugurated the summit in New Delhi on Saturday from behind a table name plate that said “Bharat,” and the G20 emblem had both names, “Bharat” written in Hindi and “India” printed in English.

Previously, “India” has been used on these signs.

As the G20 President, India welcomes the delegation, PM Modi remarked in Hindi.

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the ideological forerunner of the current government’s Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), has insisted on naming the nation Bharat from its inception.

Anti-BJP parties said that the new opposition coalition, known as INDIA or the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance, which was created in July by 28 parties to challenge the BJP in the 2019 parliamentary elections, has pushed change.