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Chapter 7: ‘Addis’ Emotional Regret’ – Release Date, Recap, and Where to Read

ByNishat Manzar

Dec 8, 2023

In the preceding chapter of “The Young Lady Who Broke Her Engagement Is Only Obsessed With the Ending,” Addis Robesta, the Deputy Captain of the Knights of the Golden Falcon, engaged in a high-stakes confrontation over the mishandling of paperwork related to development rights in Elbash Forest. Despite mounting accusations, Addis exhibited formidable capabilities, and the exchange with his unnamed adversary crackled with tension.

The narrative deftly shifted to a scene where Addis and Damon Spendrar clashed, with Damon pushing for a consequential meeting the following day, escalating the conflict. The abrupt change in focus left readers intrigued about the meeting’s significance amid the heightened suspense and ambiguous warnings.

The tension heightened further with the revelation of a commitment, adding an element of mystery to the unfolding struggle. As readers eagerly await the resolution of interrelated tensions, the stage is set for future revelations, unexpectedly transitioning to Damon Spendrar’s offer.

In the latest chapter, a heated argument ensues between Addis and an unnamed party regarding Elbash Forest paperwork, intensifying the suspense. Addis faces accusations, with references to a previous pledge adding to the mystery. The witty exchange between Addis and his composed counterpart amid an apparent threat captivates readers.

The scene shifts to Damon Spendrar inviting Addis to a meeting the next day, offering a fresh perspective on Addis’s character. The abrupt change in setting leaves readers questioning the connection between the ongoing conflict and the upcoming meeting. Addis’s admission of his sister’s fall provides insight into his troubles and regrets, revealing a vulnerable side as the chapter concludes.

The narrative delves into Addis’s background, exploring his familial bonds and the profound impact of a tragic accident. The story evokes empathy as Addis grapples with intense emotions and reflects on his family’s suffering. Readers are moved by the revelation of Addis’s vulnerability and the poignant exploration of his relationship with his mother and sister.

As the mysteries surrounding Addis unfold, readers become increasingly engrossed in his character. The story weaves a nuanced portrayal of Addis, blending elements of conflict, astonishment, regret, and vulnerability.

For enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the next installment, Chapter 7 of “The Young Lady Who Broke Her Engagement Is Only Obsessed With the Ending” is scheduled for release on December 12, 2023. 

The release timings across various regions are as follows:

  • Japanese Standard Time: 10:00 PM on December 12, 2023
  • Central European Time: 03:00 PM on December 12, 2023
  • New York: 09:00 AM on December 12, 2023
  • Australian Capital Territory: 12:00 AM on December 12, 2023
  • Pacific Time: 06:00 AM on December 12, 2023
  • Eastern European Time: 03:00 PM on December 12, 2023

Readers can enjoy Chapter 7 on KakaoPage, where the captivating narrative unfolds, revealing the next chapter in the enthralling saga of “The Young Lady Who Broke Her Engagement Is Only Obsessed With the Ending.”