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Devil Returns To School Days Chapter 44: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

ByNishat Manzar

Dec 30, 2023

As the clock ominously approached 11:59 PM, marking the waning moments of Kai’s 19th year, what was meant to be a joyous celebration of his entry into adulthood turned into an eerie spectacle in the alley behind the school. The tension in the atmosphere mirrored an impending storm, with subdued lighting heightening the sense of anticipation. This heightened tension is precisely why avid fans of the series are eagerly awaiting the revelations set for the upcoming Devil Returns To School Days Chapter 44.

In this disconcerting tableau, malevolent laughter echoed off the brick walls as Jin and his group of bullies ensnared Kai, reveling in the palpable fear etched across his eyes. It transcended mere schoolyard taunting, evolving into a meticulously orchestrated torment, with Jin as the mastermind and conductor of a sinister symphony that became the haunting soundtrack of Kai’s high school days.

However, on this ominous night, the concluding movement was poised to unfold. A cruel twist of fate, a misstep, and the harmonious melody transformed into a chilling scream – the conclusive note of Kai’s existence. A profound silence descended, followed unbelievably by a rewind to 11:59 once more, and the alley morphed into a kaleidoscope of novel hues.

Rejuvenated at 17, Kai bore the memory of the lethal assault as a phantom pain, a haunting reminder of the darkness from which he narrowly escaped. Determined not to be a victim this time, Kai resolved to embody the very melody – the embodiment of “Malice” that would drown out the malevolent symphony. He embarked on a meticulous endeavor, rewriting his past note by note until it resonated with an altered tune: a composition echoing justice, vengeance, and the resurgence of a devil poised to reclaim his school days, orchestrating a twisted harmony one step at a time.

Spoiler Alert:

In the concluding moments of the chapter, a new menace materialized – Hongjin, the elder sibling of the vanquished bully, forcefully breached the school gates. His enraged bellow echoed through the corridors, a visceral roar that seemed to take on tangible form. With an unmistakable demand for Deahyun, his presence set the air abuzz with the tense anticipation of an imminent tempest.

Echoes of Fury: A Brother’s Quest for Retribution Hongjin’s arrival bore the weight of unrestrained fury, his very being seemingly consumed by the desire for retribution. The school, once again a stage for brewing conflict, became charged with the impending clash between adversaries. The reverberations of Hongjin’s wrath set the scene for a dramatic confrontation, promising unforeseen twists and turns in the unfolding narrative.

Hyunsung’s Challenge: A Hero Navigating the Storm In the midst of this brewing turmoil stood Hyunsung, the unassuming hero who had ascended from the shadows. Poised on the precipice, he faced the looming specter of Hongjin’s wrath, ready to confront whatever fresh horrors awaited in the subsequent chapter. As the narrative threads continued to weave, Hyunsung’s resilience and determination hinted at a hero’s journey poised for unexpected challenges and a confrontation that would shape the course of Cheol-il High’s unfolding saga.


The corridors of Cheol-il High buzzed with the resounding whispers of Hyunsung’s name, igniting like wildfire that swiftly spread through the student body. A narrative painted him as a formidable combatant, the one who had dared to defy Youngmin, the notorious bully, and consigned him to juvenile detention. Despite scoffs of disbelief from some quarters, an undeniable undercurrent of unease permeated the hallways.

The Quiet Storm: Hyunsung’s Enigmatic Presence Hyunsung’s sudden appearance resembled a quiet storm, disrupting the usual bravado and defiance that characterized the school’s delinquents. His words carried a subdued authority as he delved into discussions of agreements, the partitioning of territory, and a visionary quest to extend Cheol-il’s newfound order to other educational institutions akin to Daesan. His devoted followers and loyal shadows resonated with his concerns. Whispers of the Golden Circle, a clandestine society operating in the shadows, threatened to dismantle their carefully orchestrated control. Yet, Hyunsung remained resolute, vowing a purifying fire, a deluge of funds to cleanse the school of the grime of bullying and fear.

The Shadow’s Oppression: Hyunsung’s Righteous Intervention On the flip side of this escalating divide, shadows persisted. Empowered by a perceived sense of authority, a bully subjected a student named Deahyun to a harrowing descent into humiliation and extortion. As despair clouded Deahyun’s world, a silhouette emerged from the shadows – Hyunsung, his fists delivering a torrent of righteous fury upon the tormentors, scattering them like startled rats. This abrupt intervention illuminated the scene as a beacon of defiance against cruelty, resonating with all who had endured similar suffering.

Whispers of Rivalry: Hyunsung Faces the Shadows at ICT High Yet, Hyunsung’s journey forward would not unfold without impediments. Whispers swirled around another bastion of education, ICT High, and its formidable student Jung Haemin, a potential adversary. Undeterred, Hyunsung stood unwavering in the face of swirling rumors and hushed conversations. Having witnessed the raw fear in Deahyun’s eyes and the silent screams of countless victims haunting Cheol-il’s halls, he was fueled by an unwavering resolve to be their shield, their beacon of justice against the encroaching darkness.

When & Where to Read:

Mark Your Calendar: Releasing on January 1, 2024 Gear up for an exhilarating read as Devil Returns To School Days Chapter 44 graces the virtual shelves on January 1, 2024. Save the date and prepare for another thrilling installment in this riveting saga.

Worldwide Synchronization: A Global Unveiling In an effort to synchronize the reading experience globally, the release times for Chapter 44 have been meticulously tailored for different time zones:

RegionRelease TimeDate
Japanese Standard Time10:00 PMJanuary 1, 2024
Central European Time03:00 PMJanuary 1, 2024
New York09:00 AMJanuary 1, 2024
Australian Capital Territory12:00 AMJanuary 1, 2024
Pacific Time06:00 AMJanuary 1, 2024
Eastern European Time03:00 PMJanuary 1, 2024

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