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Kagurabachi Chapter 15: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

ByNishat Manzar

Dec 22, 2023

The enthusiastic reception of Kagurabachi Chapter 14 by fans attests to the series’ captivating storytelling. The spotlight on Enten’s special abilities and the mystical intricacies surrounding the enchanted blades added a layer of depth that resonated with readers, sparking a keen interest in the mystical aspects of the narrative. This anticipation has set the stage for the eagerly awaited Kagurabachi Chapter 15.

One aspect that particularly captivated readers was the unveiling of additional backstory details about the unique weapons and their symbiotic relationship with the determination and focus of their wielders. This revelation not only enhanced the lore of the series but also deepened the connection between characters and their enchanted blades.

The implementation of a flashback sequence, shedding light on Chihiro’s motivations to rescue Char from imprisonment, proved to be an effective storytelling device. Fans appreciated the insight into the characters’ pasts, creating a more profound understanding of their present actions and decisions.

As fans eagerly await the release of Kagurabachi Chapter 15, the series has successfully cultivated an atmosphere of anticipation and curiosity, promising further revelations and character developments. The intricate blend of mystical elements, character dynamics, and storytelling techniques continues to captivate readers, ensuring a continued engagement with the unfolding narrative.

Spoiler Alert: 

Venturing beyond his previous limits, Chihiro now exhibits the remarkable ability to summon additional black metal creatures, unleashing wide-area effect attacks that can overwhelm adversaries. This newfound power showcases the Enchanted Blades’ potential to surpass their theoretical capabilities when wielded by someone of unwavering determination.

The upcoming chapter might intriguingly shift perspectives to shed light on Genichi Sojo’s intense battle against the elite Kamunabi forces. Much like Chihiro, Sojo could tap into amplified extensions of his Enchanted Blade techniques, potentially bypassing cooldown restrictions on devastating moves like Charge. If Sojo successfully activates this enhanced state, he would emerge as an even more formidable adversary, posing a significant threat to the allied fighters.

Simultaneously, the narrative may delve into Shiba’s long-anticipated display of combat prowess against the sinister sorcerers. As fans eagerly await the unfolding of Chihiro’s newfound powers and the intense battles that ensue, chapter 15 promises substantial progress in the central conflict. The stakes are raised, and anticipation mounts for the intricate dance between characters and the revelation of their evolving abilities.


The chapter unfolds as Chihiro imparts his father Kunishige wisdom to the Kamunabi group, shedding light on the profound connection between an Enchanted Blade’s power and the abstract qualities within its wielder. Beyond the physical aspect, qualities such as determination, focus, and a deep understanding of the weapon’s nature play a crucial role in unlocking its true strength.

Later, the narrative shifts to Shiba embarking on a journey to a recently discovered mysterious location, guided by information extracted from a defeated sorcerer. Believing this site could yield clues about the elusive Hishaku group, Shiba decides to investigate personally. Simultaneously, he entrusts Chihiro with a mission to infiltrate the enemy base and rescue their friend Char, who is held captive there.

As Chihiro ventures into the heart of the enemy stronghold, Shiba’s cautionary advice echoes in his mind. However, despite his efforts to avoid unnecessary confrontations, Chihiro finds himself ambushed within the dimly lit halls. Wrestling with the lingering effects of previous injuries, he struggles to unleash the full potential of the Kuro blade during the intense battle.

Faced with adversity, Chihiro adapts his strategy on the fly. With swift, sweeping slashes, he destroys the main overhead lights, plunging the hallway into darkness. Utilizing the shadows to his advantage, Chihiro takes cover, demonstrating his resourcefulness in navigating the challenging terrain. The narrative skillfully captures the tension and tactical thinking as Chihiro grapples with the complexities of the mission and the limitations of his injuries.

Release Date & Where To Read:

RegionRelease TimeDateWhere to Read
Japanese Standard Time10:00 PMMonday, December 25, 2023Viz Media and Manga Plus
Central European Time03:00 PMMonday, December 25, 2023Viz Media and Manga Plus
New York09:00 AMMonday, December 25, 2023Viz Media and Manga Plus
Australian Capital Territory12:00 AMMonday, December 25, 2023Viz Media and Manga Plus
Pacific Time06:00 AMMonday, December 25, 2023Viz Media and Manga Plus
Eastern European Time03:00 PMMonday, December 25, 2023Viz Media and Manga Plus

The upcoming Kagurabachi Chapter 15 is set to be released on December 25, 2023, at different times for various regions. Readers can access the chapter on Viz Media and Manga Plus.