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Kagurabachi Chapter 3 spoilers and raw scans : Chihiro fights one of the sorcerers.

ByNishat Manzar

Sep 28, 2023

Kagurabachi Chapter 3 spoilers have recently surfaced online, showing Chihiro squaring off against a sorcerer wielding a demon sword. In this chapter, we meet a lot of new characters as well. This chapter essentially served to tease the next one.The six magical swords that Chihiro’s father, Kunishige Rokuhira, created were hinted in the previous chapter of Kagurabachi, which also emphasized Chihiro’s background. It was revealed that the main character traveled a bloody route in order to recover the six stolen Katanas and exact revenge for the murder of his father. Shiba informed Chihiro at the conclusion of the chapter that one of the six katanas had been sighted.

Speaking of, Kagurabachi is now receiving insane amounts of excitement. It has grown so much in popularity in such a short period of time.

I thought Chihiro’s kindness to the little girl was the nicest aspect of this chapter. He hasn’t forgotten his compassion despite having decided to pursue retribution. Let’s move right along to the spoilers for Kagurabachi Chapter 3.Raw scans and chapter 3 spoilers for Kagurabachi show Chihiro realizing the situation. Given that he can hear the girl’s tummy grumbling, he inquires as to whether she is hungry. She replies that she would like a bowl of tempura soba when Chihiro asks her what she would like to eat next.

Kagurabachi Chapter 3 spoilers and raw scans 

Chihiro and Shiba encounter the person who provided them with information on the demon swords in Tokyo at the beginning of Chapter 3, The Eye Cather. They are seen going inside a ramen shop with a Japanese aesthetic. They meet Hinao, the restaurant’s owner, there.

Since they were embracing one other casually, it seemed like Hinao and Chihiro already knew one another. Chihiro questioned her over her claim that she had seen a demon sword. So Hinao leads Chihiro to the restaurant’s rear, where they run upon a little boy who can provide knowledge about the demon sword.

A new character is revealed!

Chihiro enquired about the kid from her. He is informed by Hinao that she slept out as soon as he came. But when she heard it, she jerked awake. The little girl informs Hinao that Sanjo is able to breed Japanese sagebrush, which is why she came to see her. Hinao inquires about her issues. She warns Hinao that dangerous individuals are after her and that she must defend her.

When Hinao questioned the little girl whether she had any money on her, she responded that she didn’t (Hinao was determining if a thief was pursuing her). So, Hinao enquired as to what kind of bad guy was pursuing her. She is informed by the little girl that the previous individual was carrying a sword. Chihiro is informed by Hinao that when she referenced the demon sword, she was referring to him specifically.

The Young Girl is Aware of the Demon Sword!

Shiba says he doesn’t know, but it appears rather odd to him. Chihiro counters that it is not suspicious. First, Shiba informs Hinao, who should accept the little girl’s assertions at face value. He just instructed her to provide as much information as possible on the demon sword, according to Hinao.

The small kid mumbled “hippo” in her sleep as we were bickering. Chihiro was perplexed when he heard that. The girl then said, “Mitogen.” What she was dreaming about puzzled everyone. She then abruptly woke up. As soon as she opened her eyes, she yelled “Youjutsushi!” while pointing at Shiba. I’ll look out for you.

Chihiro showing the little girl kindness!

Shiba asked her to go home since he believed she was playing around. But the little lady lacked one. She was unaware of his attempts to inquire about her father. Shiba then queries Chihiro as to what action is taken in relation to her. Chihiro approaches her and inquires about her food preferences.

She didn’t even know the names of any foods, however. Chihiro made the decision to provide her the food he enjoyed: tempura soba. Next, they eat tempura soba while seated at a table. She was introduced to Chihiro, but she didn’t quite understand what he was saying. The little child then says, “My name is Char.”

Then Chihiro inquires on the sword. He is informed by Char that “cloud comes out of the sword.” Chihiro was astounded to hear that since it was something he could also achieve. Char responds that it is not a game when he asks if it truly isn’t.

Char replies that she didn’t spot anything like a flame crest on the villain’s hand when he asks whether he had one. The shopkeeper began yelling at a guy who was seated just behind them but was doing nothing. The guy uses chopsticks to stab the shopkeeper in the neck as he continues to yell at him.

The Sorcerer Attacks Chihiro!

Chihiro stands up and queries the guy on his intentions. In front of Chihiro, a Japanese face doll suddenly materialized and exploded. After that boom, Chihiro flew out of the store.

Chihiro then realizes that Char wasn’t lying and that the person who just destroyed him must be a sorcerer. He admitted to Char that he had mistrusted her. Poyeon is the name of the sorcerer. Char was captured and restrained by him. Chihiro positions himself to draw his sword in response to Char’s cry for help.