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Lin and Linxin’s New Dynamic: Throne of Seal Episode 81 ,Release Date & Spoilers

ByNishat Manzar

Nov 13, 2023

Lin and Linxin successfully reconciled following their intense confrontation in the preceding episode. Audiences are eagerly anticipating the outcome of Yue Ye’s showdown with Hao Chen in Throne of Seal Episode 81. Expressing remorse, Hao Chen apologized to Cai Er for his inability to safeguard her. In a valiant effort, Li Xin rescued Cai Er while Hao Chen valiantly confronted the demons responsible for causing harm to her.

As the situation escalated with the arrival of more demons, Hao Chen found it necessary to enlist the assistance of White Moon. Li Xin, in the midst of the chaos, reminded Hao Chen of their shared learning experiences. Despite the challenges, Hao Chen reassured her, expressing his determination to vanquish all adversaries.

Driven by the desire to shield Cai Er and to share both their joys and sorrows, Hao Chen vividly recollected the brutality inflicted upon Cai Er by the demons. This poignant memory fueled his resolve to combat the black demons with unwavering strength.

In the face of Hao Chen’s formidable prowess, the Black Demon Squad found themselves gripped by fear, perceiving him as an entity no less than a formidable force of nature. Employing the awe-inspiring technique of the light-and-rain twin dragons, Hao Chen exhibited a level of skill that left an indelible mark on his adversaries.

Motivated by a profound sense of justice and a desire to avenge the suffering inflicted upon Cai Er, Hao Chen made a solemn vow to dismantle the malevolent forces of the Black Dragon. The intensity of their confrontation culminated in Hao Chen prevailing over the black demon, silencing the mournful whistling that had echoed in the background.

While the immediate threat of the demons had been neutralized, Cai Er, having fallen into a deep slumber following the ordeal, remained an uncertain factor. The application of regressive powers had cast a veil of ambiguity over her eventual awakening.

Having declared the conclusion of his exploration within the Cave of Sorrowful Whistles, Hao Chen acknowledged the severe injuries sustained by members of the Demon Hunt Squad. Consequently, their progress was impeded, confining them to their current location, grappling with the aftermath of their harrowing encounter.


Li Xin initiated a conversation with Lin, seeking clarification on a matter of concern. Regrettably, the interaction took a physical turn as Li Xin resorted to an inappropriate action by delivering a slap to Lin’s face. It is noteworthy that all individuals involved had experienced a depletion of their abilities during the preceding skirmish, with even Cai Er succumbing to unconsciousness.

The sole individual possessing residual powers within the group was Lin, yet regrettably, he remained inactive. Lin, despite his capabilities, found himself unable to conjure even a basic fireball, a stark contrast to the offensive magic at his disposal.

Feng Xiu inquired of Lin whether Hao Chen’s timely return had not occurred or if, indeed, the demon had launched another formidable assault with reinforced numbers. The implication was clear – had these circumstances transpired, the group would have faced perilous consequences, perhaps leading to their demise.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Li Xin implored Lin to dismantle his protective shield. The looming concern was the potential depletion of Lin’s psychic energy, a scenario that could prove detrimental. The collective well-being of the Demon Hunt Squad hung in the balance, contingent upon Lin’s emergence from his current state of reserve.

Ying Er tactfully cautioned Li Xin against adopting an overly critical stance towards Lin, emphasizing the pivotal role Lin played in their team’s survival. Ying Er underscored that without Lin’s utilization of the elixir, their endurance would not have sufficed until Hao Chen’s return.

Sheng addressed the group, emphasizing Lin’s indispensable contribution as the linchpin of their team. Feng Xiu convened the entire Demon Hunt Squad, reassuring them that confronting a demon bolt was a manageable challenge.

Feng Xiu, conscious of their leader’s healing capabilities, reminded everyone of their collective effort in fending off the demon. However, he expressed a lingering doubt about Lin’s suitability for the team, given his limitations as a high-explosive fire magician, rendering him unable to execute even the most rudimentary attacks. Consequently, there arose a collective need for compelling reasons to affirm Lin’s worthiness as a demon hunter.

Acknowledging the prevailing sentiments within the group, Sheng empathetically recognized that Lin might not be ready to address the issue openly. Sheng insisted that there must be a rationale behind Lin’s reluctance to share his insecurities with the team.

Announcement of Throne of Seal Episode 81 Release Date and Viewing Details

We are pleased to inform you that Throne of Seal Episode 81 is set to be released on Thursday, November 16, 2023, at 11:30 AM China Standard Time. For our international audience, the schedule is as follows:

  • Canada Time: 10:30 PM on Thursday, November 16, 2023
  • Pacific Time: 7:30 PM on Thursday, November 16, 2023
  • Australian Time: 2:30 PM on Friday, November 17, 2023
  • Greenwich Time: 3:30 AM Friday, November 17, 2023
  • Japanese Time: 2:30 PM on Friday, November 17, 2023
  • Philippines Time: 11:30 AM on Friday, November 17, 2023
  • Central Time: 9:30 PM on Thursday, November 16, 2023

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