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“Mariah Carey Shines in Spectacular Video, Announcing the Holiday Season in ‘It’s Time’ Video”

ByNishat Manzar

Nov 3, 2023

The commencement of the holiday season is now underway, and celebrated artist Mariah Carey is embracing the festive atmosphere with enthusiasm.

Mariah Carey, the renowned figure synonymous with the holiday season, is warmly embracing the festivities and extending an invitation to all to partake in the merriment, even though Christmas remains a few weeks away. As the calendar has turned to November, marking the official commencement of the holiday season, Mariah Carey is at the forefront, heralding the arrival of Christmas with a charming new video.

In her latest production, Mariah Carey, celebrated for her association with Christmas, unveils the commencement of this joyous season. The video presents an intricate sequence, commencing with a countdown clock that marks the seconds remaining until the stroke of midnight on Halloween. This captivating video serves as a testament to the fact that the holiday season is now in full swing, and Mariah Carey is radiating the festive spirit that accompanies it.

In the subsequent scene, Mariah Carey is portrayed within a secure vault, encased within a block of ice, as a group of individuals donned in Halloween-themed attire endeavors to thaw her using hair dryers.

As the video unfolds and Mariah Carey commences her melodious performance, culminating with one of her distinctive high notes, the icy enclosure shatters. She proceeds to captivate the audience with her cherished holiday classic, “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” and partakes in a joyous dance alongside her 12-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe, bringing the video to a delightful conclusion.

Mariah Carey consistently radiates a joyous spirit throughout the holiday season. While the celebrated artist may not emphasize material gifts, she wholeheartedly embraces the festive atmosphere. Notably, Mariah Carey, renowned for her iconic hit “Fantasy,” has announced her Merry Christmas One and All! Tour, featuring an impressive lineup of 13 concert dates. Commencing in Highland, California on November 15, the tour is set to captivate audiences in various cities, encompassing prominent locations such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, New York, and more.

The unofficial holiday anthem widely recognized by the public is “All I Want for Christmas” performed by the renowned artist Mariah Carey. Upon its initial release in 1994, the song typically ascended to the pinnacle of the Billboard Holiday 100 chart exclusively during the month of December. Nevertheless, a momentous achievement was reached in 2019, as reported by Billboard, when the song made a historic debut by claiming the top position on the Hot 100 chart. Remarkably, it has maintained its dominant position on this chart ever since.

On November 1st of the previous year, Carey issued an official announcement with the following content. Within the video presentation, she engaged in a festive and whimsical transformation, transitioning from a portrayal of a witch to embodying the iconic figure of Santa Claus. This captivating spectacle served as a joyful herald, marking the commencement of the holiday season.

Mariah Carey showed off her Halloween-inspired look

As the month of November unfolds, it marks a pivotal moment for the iconic artist Mariah Carey to assert her enduring prominence atop the music charts. Renowned as the “Queen of Christmas,” she recently indulged in a Halloween celebration prior to fully embracing the spirit of the season.

In a manner befitting her stature, the 54-year-old singer did not disappoint, as anticipation would suggest. This occasion served as a canvas for her to unveil a fresh and festive hairstyle, impeccably attuned to the forthcoming holiday merriment.

On the evening of Monday, October 30th, Mariah Carey introduced a captivating Halloween ensemble that drew inspiration from the iconic Jessica Rabbit. Embracing the spirit of the season, she accentuated her attire with a sophisticated autumn-appropriate hair transformation.

Her resplendent, lengthy locks were meticulously fashioned into a timeless representation of old Hollywood glamour, featuring elegantly cascading curls that gracefully adorned her back and chest. The focal point of this enchanting look was the introduction of her fiery red hair, harmoniously complemented by a meticulously executed deep side part. This striking presentation epitomized both the essence of classic Hollywood and the playful allure of Halloween festivities.

Mariah Carey elegantly adorned her Halloween ensemble, accentuating it with a pair of regal purple gloves and a stunning, sleeveless red gown that shimmered with grace. Her choice of attire paid homage to Jessica Rabbit’s iconic appearance in the 1988 film. With an air of finesse, Mariah closed her eyes and unveiled a transformation befitting of the sultry character, donning radiant red lipstick, shimmering eyeshadow, and strikingly long eyelashes, all evoking the unmistakable allure of Jessica Rabbit.

Mariah Carey, a celebrated figure in the entertainment industry, is widely recognized for maintaining her enduring signature caramel hair color, a hallmark of her persona since she ascended to stardom in the 1990s. While she has occasionally unveiled glimpses of her natural brown tones and briefly experimented with black hair, the allure of auburn hair remained uncharted territory for her.

As the winter season approaches, one can’t help but envision the captivating combination of auburn locks paired with a resplendent green gown, a look that Mariah Carey could undoubtedly carry with grace and style. The time is ripe for such a transformation, and it would undoubtedly capture the spirit of the season in a most enchanting manner.