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My Hero Academia Chapter 406 : Spoilers And Raw Scans

ByNishat Manzar

Nov 9, 2023

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia has unveiled intriguing developments as the central conflict unfolds between the primary antagonists and our two leading protagonists. Although the chapter may not exhibit substantial narrative progression, it does provide a notable revelation regarding Bakugo’s newfound mastery of his quirk, hinting at a potential awakening.

Bakugo is showcasing remarkable proficiency in employing his quirk to its utmost potential, significantly vexing the formidable antagonist, All For One. Moreover, this resurgence of Bakugo’s abilities is accompanied by a resurgence of his traumatic memories involving the second user of All For One. Unexpectedly, the second user assumes a more significant role than previously anticipated, shedding light on the depth of All For One’s disdain for him.

It is undeniably gratifying to witness the once unflappable mastermind experiencing irritation and facing a palpable sense of urgency. He appears to be racing against time, with the looming possibility of his imminent disappearance. Bakugo is unwavering in his determination to relentlessly pester the villain, leaving us eager to witness further developments in this compelling narrative.

The forthcoming chapter appears to hold promise in shedding further light on the backstory of All For One, specifically concerning the manner in which the second user posed a formidable challenge to him. This development is pivotal in elucidating how the legacy of the One For All users came to represent the most formidable obstacle in his relentless pursuit of power.

For the present moment, let us delve further into the revelations of My Hero Academia Chapter 406. Please follow along as we furnish a concise summary while also incorporating several unedited scans from My Hero Academia Chapter 406.

My Hero Academia Chapter 406 :Spoilers And Raw Scan 

My Hero Academia Chapter 406 is aptly titled “Understand Your Own Quirk.” The chapter commences with a harrowing portrayal of widespread destruction throughout various regions. Notably, Aoyama and Toru are depicted as selflessly aiding those ensnared within the confines of floral entanglements, illustrating their dedication to the safety and well-being of their fellow citizens. Concurrently, the narrative unfolds with several other valiant individuals continuing their fierce battle against the formidable adversary, Glashy, within the Takoba region. This chapter’s themes delve into the profound exploration of one’s Quirk and the implications it holds for the characters and their ongoing struggles.

The heroes have successfully apprehended numerous defeated villains, including notable figures like Skeptic and others. However, there is a concerning lack of information regarding the whereabouts of Kurogiri, Mic, and Eraser Head.

In a recent development, Lady Nagant’s introspective monologue reveals that Lock Lock had conveyed to her a profound belief in Deku, emphasizing the significance of his role. Her thoughts seem to revolve around him and the faith they place in his actions.

Returning to the present scene, All For One is hastily retreating, as he deems it unworthy of his time to engage with an apparently insignificant adversary. Bakugo’s remarkable speed, which surprises even All Might, becomes apparent as he soars through the air. Edgeshot provides insight into Bakugo’s unique quirk, shedding light on this impressive display of speed.

The exceptional velocity displayed by Bakugo doesn’t go unnoticed by Shigarai, who recognizes that there is more to him than meets the eye. In the midst of these events, All For One encounters difficulties in reaching Shigarai and finds himself within the confines of a building.

Bakugo’s resilience serves as a striking reminder to All For One of the Second One For All user. While Shigaraki expresses concern over Bakugo’s formidable quirks, he acknowledges the need to confront him anew, albeit temporarily, as his immediate priority lies in dealing with Deku. Through Deku’s internal monologue, we gain insight into the profound challenge he faces in the battle. He grapples with utilizing his danger sense to evade Shigaraki’s powerful quirk while grappling with the absence of any discernible weaknesses to exploit in overcoming Shigaraki’s formidable array of abilities.

Additionally, Deku emphasizes a critical limitation in his current situation. He acknowledges that he can employ the gearshift ability just once, as its usage takes a considerable toll on his body. Nevertheless, recognizing its necessity, Deku chooses to activate this unique quirk. The ensuing two pages depict intense confrontations: Deku faces off against Shigaraki, while Bakugo engages All For One (AFO).

AFO sets his sights on Shigaraki, remarking that Bakugo’s explosion quirk pales in comparison to Endeavor’s formidable flames. AFO plans to deal with Bakugo at a later time. Despite this assessment, Bakugo exhibits remarkable progress in terms of his speed, steadily closing the gap between himself and AFO, even as he occasionally makes contact with the ground. It is worth noting that Bakugo himself is taken aback by his newfound velocity.

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