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Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha Chapter 74: Release Date & Spoilers

ByNishat Manzar

Dec 24, 2023

In the realm where both humans and angels coexist, a distinctive assemblage of warriors finds themselves thrust into the midst of conflict—an amalgamation often referred to as a crew. This involuntary union is orchestrated by the authoritative figure Iselle, whose dominion compels the members to engage in battles within the intricate tapestry of the unfolding narrative that is “Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha.”

Under Iselle’s directives, the crew operates within the confines of stringent regulations, affording them minimal latitude for dissent or any form of unruly behavior. Their very existence hinges upon their ability to navigate the complexities of a system that demands unwavering adherence. The primary onus placed upon them is to endure the relentless and unforgiving battles dictated by external forces.

The paramount question looms: will the members of this crew exhibit resilience in the face of formidable challenges, or will they succumb to the pressures that threaten their survival? Originating from the city of Townia, these individuals are compelled to showcase their mettle as they grapple with the imperative of survival in an unforgiving landscape.

Spoiler Alert:

In the upcoming chapters, brace yourself for an escalation of challenges and unexpected turns that the crew must confront as they navigate through the high-stakes battle. With Usher’s well-being hanging in the balance due to the adverse effects of bleeding, the narrative may delve into the crew’s intricate planning to safeguard him and surmount this particular setback.

The imminent peril of losing control of the altar is likely to stimulate the crew’s ingenuity, prompting them to devise creative tactics and form alliances to sway the outcome in their favor. As the intensity of the battle heightens, anticipate poignant moments of camaraderie and self-sacrifice among the crew members, deepening the emotional resonance of the storyline. 

Moreover, be prepared for the revelation of new layers of information regarding the boss monster and the mysterious shadows, providing the crew with a more profound comprehension of the adversaries they are up against.

Furthermore, the crew’s encounter with unexpected limitations may instigate a paradigm shift in their strategic approach. This could compel them to reassess their initial plans, encouraging the exploration of innovative solutions and strategies to secure a triumphant outcome in the face of adversity.


In the preceding chapter, the crew discerned that their concerted attacks were, indeed, making a discernible impact on the formidable adversary. Confronted by the immense challenge ahead, a strategic decision was taken to fragment into distinct units, each assigned to confront the boss monster and its accompanying shadows.

Unit 2, consisting of Velkist and Nerissa, and Unit 3, comprising Jenna and Eolka, were strategically positioned to lend support to Unit 1 from the rear. The ongoing conflict retained its unrelenting intensity, injecting an element of heightened anticipation into the unfolding narrative. As the battle progressed, the boss monster unleashed a relentless barrage of scales upon the crew, escalating the strain on their collective efforts. Recognizing the enormity of the challenge, a pivotal shift in the battle plan occurred, prompting the units to redirect their focus towards providing assistance to the main protagonist when the critical juncture arrived.

Seizing a pivotal moment, Jenna, armed with a longbow, delivered a well-timed shot to the boss monster, fundamentally altering the dynamics of the encounter. Concurrently, Unit 2 deployed a ladder to impede additional monsters from ascending, showcasing the crew’s remarkable adaptability in the face of adversity.

However, a turning point emerged as Usher succumbed to a bleeding effect, resulting in a gradual reduction in his HP over a predetermined period. Amid the relentless battle, the crew came to the realization that they had unexpectedly reached their limit earlier than anticipated.

The looming prospect of losing control of the altar cast a shadow of dire threat, standing as a potential harbinger of their ultimate demise. The unfolding narrative teeters on the precipice as the crew grapples with unforeseen challenges, setting the stage for an uncertain and precarious future.

When & Where to Read:

RegionRelease TimeDateWhere to Read
Japanese Standard Time10:00 PMDecember 28, 2023Kakao Page
Central European Time03:00 PMDecember 28, 2023Kakao Page
New York09:00 AMDecember 28, 2023Kakao Page
Australian Capital Territory12:00 AMDecember 28, 2023Kakao Page
Pacific Time06:00 AMDecember 28, 2023Kakao Page
Eastern European Time03:00 PMDecember 28, 2023Kakao Page

“Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha” Chapter 74 will be released internationally on December 28, 2023, on its official platform Kakao Page.