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Rise of the Nazis : Date and streaming information for the first episode of Season 4 

ByNishat Manzar

Sep 16, 2023

Who doesn’t know about Hitler and how he gained power although countless Jews and soviet people were lying dead in the streets? Ascent Of The Nazis is a documentary series that explores the ascent of Hitler to power and the murderous rampage that followed the Nazi party’s assumption of power.

The series, which is helmed by Julian Jones, stars Mike Jackson, Christain Goeschel, Garry Kasparov, Laura Butkute, Pablo de Orellana, John Scarlett in a recurrent role, Richard Evans, an authority on Hitler, Kate Fleetwood, who serves as the narrator, and John Scarlett.

The principal cast includes Petras Simmonni, who portrays Winrich Behr, Juozas Budraitis, Mindaugas Capas, Andrius Rozickas, Ramunas, who plays Ernst, and Boris Abramov, who plays Josef Stalin. Juozas Budraitis plays Paul Von Hindenburg, Mindaugas Capas, Hermann, and Andrius Rozickas, Adolf Hitler.

Due to the way it presented Hitler’s wrongdoings, the television series has been successful with viewers. In response to strong demand from fans, the show returned for a fourth season after three successful runs.

The series, which debuted on September 2, 2019, gives the opinions of historians and specialists on the crucial occasions that shaped Hitler’s ascent to power. The 59-minute episode of the television program depicts what transpired in the democratic nation that was taken over by fascist authorities.

A number of the minorities were used as scapegoats by Hitler. After the first three seasons of the documentary series’ success were successfully carried off, it was decided to renew it for a fourth season.

One of Hitler’s victims, Anne Frank, recorded all of the details of his torturing of Jews and Soviet citizens before being murdered in a prison camp by the Nazi dictator. With nine episodes in each season, the documentary series has had three successful runs. A lesson on how frightening and simple it is for a democratic nation to slip into authoritarian rule was imparted to viewers via the television program.

Recap for Season 3 of Rise of the Nazis

The Rise Of The Nazis had seen it all, from the moment Hitler ascended to power and slaughtered many defenseless Jews and residents of the Soviet Union until he was overthrown. The first episode of the series took place in 1930, when Germany was still a liberal democracy, and showed the rise of a tyrant who executed innocent people.

The series tells the tale of what happened and how it happened, allowing experts and historians to shed light on key players whose bad judgment, political cunning, and self-serving objectives helped bring about Hitler’s ascent and Germany’s demise.

A lesson on how quickly and readily a democracy can turn into a totalitarian regime was learned from the first season. Hitler’s refusal to give up even though Germany was losing the fight was shown in the opening episode of the previous season.

Hitler chose to launch a comprehensive war campaign rather than give up, which led to psychological turmoil among his closest associates. The third season of the television show concentrates on the years 1930 to 1934, offering viewers a perspective on all that occurred during Hitler’s time in power.

Hitler took refuge in his bunker in the second episode as Nazi power was about to collapse.

The last episode of the series depicts the Soviets moving close to the bunker as practically the whole of Germany is overrun by Allied troops. Hitler remains unobserved.

Release date for Rise of the Nazis’ Season 4 Episode 1

India – 20 september 2023  at 1:30 AM

United states – 19 september 2023  at 4:00 PM

UK – 20 september 2023  at 9:00 PM

Australia– 19 september 2023  at 6 :00 AM (A.C.T)