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‘Serena’s first meeting with Eiser’ in Serena Chapter 66: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

ByNishat Manzar

Dec 19, 2023

Get ready to delve deeper into the fantastical world of Serena, for Chapter 66, titled “Serena’s First Meeting with Eiser,” promises to be a pivotal moment in the series. The Serena fandom is ablaze with excitement as they eagerly await the release of Chapter 66, poised to unfold a new chapter in Serena’s journey. The previous installment saw Serena and Eiser immersed in the enchantment of their inaugural fireworks display, marking a poignant moment in their shared narrative.

Serena’s trajectory took a significant turn when, at the age of fifteen, she made the pivotal decision to transition from the Lata Saeng Academy of Art to the esteemed Royal School of Dalicourt. This move, fueled by her ardent dedication to ballet, served as a catalyst for leaving behind the haunting memories of Lata Saeng. Fortunately, Serena adeptly navigated the delicate process of numbing those traumatic recollections.

Life at Dalicourt unfolded as a tapestry of tranquility and pleasure for Serena. Her enrollment brought forth the blossoming of friendships with Rowain, Luna, and Sally, a trio that swiftly embraced her into their fold. The camaraderie shared among these girls transcended the ordinary, manifesting in laughter and friendly squabbles, painting the portrait of a dynamic and tightly-knit friendship that added vibrant hues to Serena’s new chapter at Dalicourt. As anticipation builds for Chapter 66, fans brace themselves for the next installment in Serena’s journey, ready to be enthralled by the twists and turns that await.

This highly anticipated chapter is set to rewrite the rules of the game, introducing a character who will not only change Serena’s destiny but also cast a long shadow over the entire narrative. So, fasten your imaginary seatbelts and prepare for a thrilling ride into the unknown!


Eager anticipation filled Serena as she prepared for a spectacle she had never witnessed before—the mesmerizing display of fireworks. Enthralled by tales of their resemblance to stars and twinkling lights, she envisioned the dazzling spectacle becoming even more breathtaking when experienced firsthand. The upcoming vacation ceremony and mask party added an extra layer of excitement to Serena’s anticipation.

In addition to the allure of the fireworks, Serena looked forward to donning heels for the very first time, heightening her thrill for the impending celebration. As the day of the vacation ceremony drew near, the mere thought of the event melted her heart, fueled by the uniqueness of this celebration, intimately connected to her family. No longer attending as just a student, Serena embraced the distinct impression this party promised.

Immersed in the celebration with an enthusiasm surpassing her usual fervor, time seemed to fly. However, as the grand finale of fireworks approached, Serena’s joy was tempered by the growing discomfort in her feet. Mild pain, initially overlooked, intensified throughout the celebration, making walking a challenge by nightfall.

Serena’s friends shared tales of meeting her welcoming family during the celebration. Being school graduates, her entire family had received invitations to the event. The revelation reached Serena that Dean, following the fireworks spectacle, intended to propose. This unexpected news left her perplexed.

Battling the pain from her heels, Serena decided to retreat to the dorm, opting to change into a more comfortable pair. As the night unfolded with both anticipated and unforeseen moments, Serena’s journey through the celebration took unexpected turns, blending excitement, discomfort, and the imminent question that hung in the air.

Spoilers Alert:

The author has kept the details of the chapter closely guarded, but whispers and theories abound about what “Serena’s First Meeting with Eiser” might entail. Here’s a peek into the potential maelstrom:

  • A Fateful Encounter: Serena, our intrepid protagonist, finally comes face-to-face with the enigmatic Eiser, a figure who has loomed large in the shadows throughout the series. This meeting will not only be a turning point in Serena’s personal journey but also hold immense significance for the fate of the entire fantastical world.
  • Secrets Revealed: As Serena interacts with Eiser, long-held secrets and hidden truths will come to light. Prepare for shocking revelations about Serena’s own past, the nature of her powers, and the true stakes of the ongoing conflict.
  • Alliances Forged and Broken: The introduction of Eiser will undoubtedly disrupt the established alliances and power dynamics. New bonds may form, while existing ones may crumble under the weight of newfound knowledge and shifting loyalties.
  • A Glimpse of the Future: “Serena’s First Meeting with Eiser” might offer tantalizing glimpses into the future, hinting at the challenges and triumphs that await our heroine. Be prepared for breathtaking foreshadowing and clues about the ultimate destiny of Serena and the world she inhabits.

Release Date and Where To Read Serena Chapter 66:

Mark your calendars for Serena Chapter 66 which is all set to release on December 22, 2023, at 12 am KST.

Time ZoneDateTime
Korean Standard TimeDecember 22, 202312:00 a.m. (KST)
New York TimeDecember 21, 20237:00 a.m. (NYT)
Indian Standard TimeDecember 21, 20238:30 p.m. (IST)
Central European TimeDecember 21, 20235:00 p.m. (CET)
Australian Standard TimeDecember 22, 20231:00 a.m. (AST)
Japanese Standard TimeDecember 22, 202312:00 a.m. (JST)

Only on the Naver and Webtoons, you can read Serena Chapter 66.