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Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 40: ‘Tomatoes Thwarted’ Recap & Release Date

ByNishat Manzar

Dec 19, 2023

Get ready to dig your trowels deep into the fertile soil of Solo Farming in the Tower, because Chapter 40, titled “Tomatoes Thwarted,” promises a harvest of both comedic chaos and thrilling adventure! Our intrepid farmer, Finn, may have traded the dungeon grind for the rooftop grind, but that doesn’t mean his path will be free of thorns (or, in this case, mutated vines). So grab your watering cans and weed whackers, as we prepare to delve into the juicy details of this upcoming chapter!


In the tense narrative unfolding in the Towеr, the Vice Chairman, a visage etched with worry, found himself pacing the opulent confines of his office. The once-revolutionary dream of dominating the global food market through the Towеr’s abundant land now withered like a sun-scorched vine. The prized, seedless tomatoes, essential to not just cultivation but to the very fabric of his legacy, posed a looming threat.

His memories of youthful optimism, a decade ago when he first stumbled upon the Towеr’s perpetual sunshine and fertile soil, now felt like a cruel mirage. His vision of becoming an agricultural titan shattered as the seeds refused to cooperate, rendering the land barren. The stern countenance of his father haunted him, a silent reminder of the astronomical sum invested in this failed utopia. Forced to rely on crops grown within the Towеr, a closed ecosystem, the Vice Chairman felt trapped, his aspirations of revolutionizing the outside world dashed against the reality of an infertile wasteland.

A chance encounter with a bear-man on the 10th floor deepened his despair. The man spoke of a “greedy cat merchant” on the 55th floor, hoarding the precious seeds and monopolizing the lifeblood of the Towеr’s agriculture. Kim, barely having climbed beyond the 10th floor himself, experienced a surge of both anger and impotence. His grand vision, once vibrant, lay shattered at his feet.

With steely resolve born of desperation, the Vice Chairman issued a new directive. Hunters were dispatched to the 38th floor, tasked with buying out the entire stock of D-Grade magic cherry tomatoes from the elusive cat merchant. It was a gamble, a desperate bid to salvage some semblance of his agricultural dream. He knew the cat’s wares were inferior, mere shadows of the true potential dormant within the Towеr’s soil. But for now, they were his only lifeline.

As the hunters ventured into the perilous depths of the Towеr, the Vice Chairman observed from his lofty window—a solitary figure consumed by ambition and the bitter taste of failure. His grand agricultural revolution hung by a thread, a single, fragile tomato clinging to a vine of withered dreams. The question now lingered: could he, like a desperate farmer, coax even the smallest blossom of hope from this barren soil?

Spoilers Alert: Tomatoes Thwarted!:

So, what juicy drama awaits us in “Tomatoes Thwarted?” Based on the cryptic title and the series’ penchant for hilarious mayhem, here’s what we can expect:

  • Tomato Tribulations: Finn’s prize-winning tomatoes, the pride and joy of his rooftop oasis, may face a formidable foe. Prepare for mutated pests, rogue sprinklers, and maybe even a touch of Tower-induced blight! Will Finn’s agricultural prowess prevail, or will his precious crop become a victim of unforeseen circumstances?
  • Unexpected Visitors: The Tower’s denizens have a knack for making surprise appearances, and Chapter 40 is unlikely to be an exception. Will it be friendly adventurers seeking a taste of homegrown goodness, or perhaps some less-than-friendly creatures with a penchant for plundering produce?
  • Tower Secrets Sprout: As Finn navigates his tomato tribulations, he may stumble upon new clues about the Tower’s secrets. Be prepared for cryptic messages, ancient artifacts hidden amongst the rooftop flora, and maybe even a glimpse into the Tower’s true purpose.
  • Growth Spurt?: Will Finn’s farming expertise take an unexpected turn? Could his rooftop haven become something more, perhaps a community garden or a bustling marketplace for Tower-dwellers? Or will he remain a solo farmer, content with his simple life and his precious (hopefully thriving) tomatoes?

Release Date & Where to Read:

“Solo Farming In The Tower” Chapter 40 is set to be released on December 21, 2023, at different times for various regions. Naver, the webtoon platform, is recommended for international readers to access the chapter.

RegionRelease TimeDateWhere to Read
Japan (JST)MidnightThursday, December 21, 2023Naver (Webtoon platform)
Korea (KST)MidnightThursday, December 21, 2023Naver (Webtoon platform)
Australia (AEST)01:00 AMThursday, December 21, 2023Naver (Webtoon platform)
USA (EST)11:00 AMWednesday, December 20, 2023Naver (Webtoon platform)
UK (GMT)4:00 PMWednesday, December 20, 2023Naver (Webtoon platform)