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Tyler Perry’s Sistas Season 6 Episode 16: ‘Relentless Pursuit’ Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

ByNishat Manzar

Nov 14, 2023

Tyler Perry’s Sistas delves deeper into the intricate lives of its central characters, including Andi, Karen, and Danni. Notably, Andi is navigating the complexities of moving forward from her past relationship, while Karen is cultivating a positive connection with Zac and Fatima as they prepare to embark on a co-parenting journey. Karen, recognizing the importance of fostering harmony in this dynamic, is conscientiously striving to avoid any conflicts that might sour the relationships involved.

Sistas, a compelling blend of comedy and drama, unfolds the narratives of a group of single black females as they navigate the nuances of forming new friendships, engaging in romantic entanglements, and navigating career shifts within the contemporary world. The series offers an insightful portrayal of relationships forged in an era marked by fragile emotions and often unattainable aspirations.

True to the hallmark of Tyler Perry’s productions, Sistas has garnered significant acclaim, evidenced by its widespread popularity. The show has even spurred a spin-off centered around the captivating relationship of Zac and Fatima, affectionately known as Zatima. This further attests to the show’s ability to resonate with audiences and explore the intricacies of modern relationships with depth and authenticity.

After six successful seasons, “Sistas” has skillfully navigated the transformative journeys of these remarkable women, guiding them towards a profound realization—that they are deserving of authentic love and respect for their true selves. In a pivotal moment, Andi has courageously concluded her relationship with Gary, symbolizing a powerful step towards self-discovery and personal growth. Concurrently, Karen is earnestly committed to evolving into a better version of herself, particularly for the well-being of her child.

The highly anticipated sixth season welcomes back a stellar cast, with KJ Smith reprising her role as Andi, Ebony Obsidian embodying the character of Karen, Mignon Von portraying the dynamic Danni, and Novi Brown captivating audiences once again as Sabrina. DeVale Ellis and Crystal Renee Hayslett seamlessly continue their roles as Zac and Fatima, respectively, ensuring the continuity of the series’ compelling narrative. As “Sistas” embarks on its latest chapter, viewers can anticipate an engaging exploration of the complexities of love, self-discovery, and personal empowerment.


During a chance encounter at the supermarket, Fatima and Zac find themselves in conversation with Karen, who expresses curiosity about the child they are expecting. Karen inquires whether Zac intends to provide unwavering support for their child and avoid leaving them alone. The question prompts Zac to respond assertively, expressing his discontent with Karen for addressing a matter without full understanding.

Fatima expressed to Karen that she and Zac possess the qualities and capabilities necessary to be excellent parents to Karen’s child as well. She conveyed that the child they were currently caring for was in an uncomfortable situation at the mother’s residence, necessitating their immediate attention. This prompted them to engage in a shopping errand for diapers and essential food items to ensure the child’s well-being.

In a recent conversation, Maurice and Calvin engaged in a discussion about relationships, with Maurice expressing frustration about consistently finding himself in challenging relationships with similar types of men. Calvin suggests that Maurice’s patterns may be linked to past traumas and childhood difficulties.

Meanwhile, Zac and Fatima extend their care to a troubled young boy they recently brought home, acknowledging the lingering effects of abuse from his previous environment. Zac reassures a commitment to support the child going forward. On a different note, Danni attempts to enter her home discreetly, only to discover that Preston is still awake.

Karen pays a visit to Zac and Fatima’s residence, delivering a car seat and other essential items for the child. In a commendable gesture, she apologizes for any previous rudeness towards Zac. Later, Andi and Karen spend time together, during which Andi discloses the end of her relationship with Aaron.

Karen, however, grapples with the recent tragedy of her burnt-down shop, compounded by the absence of a supportive partner during this challenging period. Sensing her distress, Andi generously offers financial assistance to Karen until she can regain stability. With her separation from Gary behind her, Andi eagerly anticipates new beginnings with Jordan.

Release Information and Viewing Details

The upcoming installment, Episode 16, of the esteemed Sistas’ 16th season is scheduled for release on November 15th, 2023. Viewers can anticipate the broadcast of compelling episodes from Tyler Perry’s Sistas every Wednesday, each episode boasting a duration of 60 minutes.

The latest episodes of “Sistas” are broadcast on BET at 9:00 PM ET and 8:00 PM CT, exclusively for viewers within the United States. Additionally, this compelling Tyler Perry comedy-drama is accessible on Prime Video and YouTube TV.

For international audiences, “Sistas” can be enjoyed on Prime Video and Apple TV, with the caveat that viewers outside the United States may need to employ a VPN due to regional restrictions.

The release schedule for “Sistas” episodes in various countries is as follows:

  • United Kingdom: 2:00 AM, Thursday, November 16th, 2023.
  • Australia: 1:00 PM, Thursday, November 16th, 2023.
  • Canada: 9:00 PM, Wednesday, November 15th, 2023.
  • Germany: 3:00 AM, Wednesday, November 16th, 2023.

We appreciate your continued interest in “Sistas” and hope you enjoy the latest developments in the series.


Entitled “Relentless Pursuit,” the forthcoming episode of Sistas is poised to center on the challenges faced by Zac and Fatima as they grapple with persistent issues emerging from custodial concerns. Upon discovering the unfortunate mistreatment suffered by the vulnerable child at the hands of his mother, Zac and Fatima are resolute in their commitment to ensuring that the child is not subjected to further abuse. Their unwavering determination underscores a compelling narrative that delves into the complexities of custodial responsibility and the imperative to safeguard the well-being of those in need.

As Sabrina and Maurice navigate the intricacies of their relationship, Karen confronts the impending jeopardy to her livelihood. The devastating aftermath of the studio fire has left her grappling with the profound implications, compounded by the additional challenge of impending parenthood. In the face of these overwhelming circumstances, Karen finds herself at a critical juncture, seeking stability and resolution for the challenges that loom on both personal and professional fronts.