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What Happened To Sasuke In Boruto?

ByNishat Manzar

Nov 8, 2023

Sasuke Uchiha has consistently held a significant place in the hearts of fans within the Naruto universe. Despite the series being primarily centered around Naruto Uzumaki as the protagonist, Sasuke played an equally pivotal role, serving as Naruto’s rival and close confidant. Their contrasting yin-yang dynamic was a fundamental element of the original narrative.

In the Boruto series, a noticeable shift in focus has occurred, with Naruto and Sasuke no longer occupying the central stage as the primary characters. Nevertheless, they have continued to maintain a profound and enduring connection with the audience, particularly for those who ardently followed their compelling journey. Many admirers regard them as two of the most formidable shinobi within the context of the Boruto world.

However, it is worth noting that recent developments have brought about challenges for both characters. Naruto, the Seventh Hokage, has found himself sealed away, a circumstance that has left the shinobi world in a state of uncertainty. Meanwhile, Sasuke, despite his undeniable prowess, has faced adversity as he lost one of his eyes and, subsequently, access to his formidable Rinnegan abilities. These developments have left fans of the series eager to discover how these beloved characters will navigate the evolving landscape of the Boruto storyline.

How Sasuke and Boruto Escaped?

In the pivotal moments of the early stages of the Boruto series, Sasuke Uchiha assumed a critical role as tensions reached a climax between the two young protagonists, Boruto Uzumaki and Kawaki. Sasuke, with his extensive experience and wisdom, had been vigilant of Kawaki’s volatile disposition, offering sagacious counsel to Boruto regarding the need for caution in their interactions. This counsel would ultimately prove instrumental in the manner by which Sasuke and Boruto successfully extricated themselves from challenging circumstances.

Kawaki’s descent into darkness was marked by his manipulation of the Karma seal, a powerful and forbidden technique that allowed him to imprison Naruto and Hinata Uzumaki. His insidious ambitions then turned towards the destruction of Boruto Uzumaki, leading to a climactic battle that unfolded amidst the iconic stone faces of the Hokage.

In the midst of this fateful confrontation, Boruto’s unwavering resolve to protect his comrade, Sarada, resulted in the loss of one of his eyes during a fierce exchange with Kawaki. The swift response of Konoha’s elite shinobi sought to apprehend Kawaki, but the intervention of Momoshiki, an ancient and malevolent force, facilitated his escape, as he recognized the immense potential within Kawaki’s pursuit of power.

Kawaki, in the wake of his escape, solemnly vowed to ascend to even greater heights of strength, with a single-minded determination to annihilate Boruto, alongside the Otsutsuki clan, which he had come to despise. However, this audacious endeavor was bound to be fraught with challenges, as Konoha boasts an abundance of highly skilled shinobi capable of swiftly tracking him down and ensuring his apprehension.

Furious upon learning of Kawaki’s near-fatal assault on their revered Hokage, Naruto, Ada found herself facing a daunting dilemma. In her decision to assist Kawaki, she harnessed her profound power of omnipotence to grant his desperate plea.

In a mere moment, the course of Kawaki and Boruto’s lives underwent a dramatic reversal. Kawaki now stood as the true-born son and distinguished shinobi of Konoha, while Boruto bore the weighty mantle of the 7th Hokage’s killer and was branded a renegade ninja.

For Boruto, the ensuing swift and shocking turn of events left him in a state of profound dismay as the entire village, in unified belief, cast him aside as a traitor. This chillingly validated Momoshiki’s foreboding prophecy that foretold Boruto’s loss of all that was dear to him. Rather than the loss of loved ones, Boruto was stripped of his home, cherished bonds, and esteemed status within the Hidden Leaf Village.

Devoid of all that he once held in high regard, Boruto was transformed into a wanderer, a shinobi without a place to call his own, severed from the village and the devoted team he had fervently endeavored to protect.

For a long time, Sasuke had offered Boruto cautionary wisdom regarding the isolating path that vengeance-seeking outsiders often tread. Now, in the face of an unforgiving reality, Boruto found himself abandoned by the very home he had cherished, all due to the clandestine machinations of Kawaki and Ada. His once-unshakable bond with Konoha had been irrevocably shattered in a heartbeat.

 What happened to Sasuke in Borute?

In the inaugural scene of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations,” the narrative offers enigmatic insights into the circumstances surrounding Sasuke Uchiha’s current status. The viewers are introduced to an older Boruto, adorned with Sasuke’s iconic headband and cloak. This imagery strongly suggests that Sasuke Uchiha may have met his demise in the chronicle’s timeline. The question that arises is what sequence of events may have transpired to bring about the passing of this venerable ninja?

One unsettling scenario posits that Boruto may have been compelled to take the life of his mentor, Sasuke. Over the years since their last encounter, it is conceivable that Sasuke’s unrelenting fixation on eradicating external threats may have gradually led him down a path of corruption.

With Sarada forging her own destiny in a distant direction, there was no stabilizing influence present to mitigate the dark and tumultuous aspects of Sasuke’s character. Consequently, it is plausible that his judgment became compromised as he delved deeper into his enigmatic role as a guardian of shadows. A state of paranoia and relentless pursuit could have driven Sasuke to turn against Boruto, thus compelling his own pupil to make the excruciating choice of terminating the life of his revered mentor.

An alternative theory suggests that the formidable inner member, Code, may have ultimately bested Sasuke in a decisive confrontation. After years of relentless pursuit, Sasuke might have confronted Code in an epic battle, with both combatants at the zenith of their powers.

They engaged in a battle that could only be described as god-like, yet in the end, Code emerged as the victor, claiming Sasuke’s Rinnegan eye as a grim trophy. Following this tragic turn of events, a grief-stricken Boruto may have recovered Sasuke’s abandoned sword, headband, and cloak, either as a means of paying homage to his fallen mentor or out of sheer necessity.

In a potential culmination of events, Sasuke Uchiha might have undertaken a final selfless act, wherein he sacrificed his life to shield Boruto Uzumaki from the clutches of Code, a malevolent threat. Such an act, if it were to transpire, would have profound ramifications, reverberating throughout the entire shinobi world.

Beyond the bequeathment of Sasuke’s material possessions, a brief glimpse into a more somber and mature Boruto hints at a profound transformation brought about by the trauma of these impending events. While specific details remain shrouded in uncertainty, it is abundantly clear that the stage is meticulously set for a period of momentous upheaval and intense conflict in the trajectory of Boruto’s journey. Should Sasuke’s ultimate sacrifice become a reality, it would indisputably represent a pivotal turning point, signifying the dawn of a new era for the succeeding generation of shinobi.

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