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Devil Returns To School Days Chapter 43: ‘Turf Wars Erupt’ Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

ByNishat Manzar

Dec 22, 2023

In the unfolding narrative of “Devil Returns To School Days,” the clock mercilessly ticked away, marking the eerie transition into the final minute of Kai’s 19th year. A time that should have been celebratory, drowning in the newfound freedom of adulthood, instead manifested an air thick with tension—a storm brewing in the shadowy recesses of the school’s dimly lit alley.

The acrid notes of laughter, sharp and merciless, reverberated off the brick walls as a menacing group of shadows closed in on a lone figure. The leader of this malevolent ensemble, a looming silhouette known as Jin, savored the fear reflected in the victim’s eyes. This was no ordinary bullying; it was a symphony of malice, orchestrated by Jin and his cohort, a haunting soundtrack to Kai’s high school days. However, on this ominous night, the music was destined to reach its crescendo.

Fate, cruel and capricious, intervened with a misplaced step, transforming the melody into a chilling scream—the final chord of Kai’s life. Then, silence. And miraculously, a rewind. The clock blinked 11:59 PM once more, and the alley transformed into a kaleidoscope of shifting colors. Kai found himself back at 17, the memory of the brutal attack lingering like a phantom limb—a haunting reminder of the darkness he had narrowly escaped.

This time, Kai refused to be a victim. This time, he embraced the role of the melody, the embodiment of “Malice” that would drown out the symphony of evil. He embarked on a journey to rewrite his past, note by note, until it screamed a different tune—a song of justice, vengeance, and the return of a devil reclaiming his school days, one twisted harmony at a time.

Spoiler Alert:

Chapter 43 throws open the gates of chaos as rival factions within Hell High clash in a fiery display of territorial dominance. Prepare for:

Demons versus Devils: The simmering tension between the demon delinquents and the devilish elite explodes into an all-out brawl. Incantations fly, horns flare, and detention slips flutter like fallen angels in the face of this infernal showdown.

Unexpected Alliances: In the heat of the turf war, unlikely alliances may form. Will Lucifer find himself fighting alongside his sworn enemies to restore order, or will he exploit the chaos for his own twisted purposes?

Hidden Agendas: As chaos reigns, hidden agendas will come to light. Teachers might turn out to be fallen angels in disguise, students may harbor demonic powers, and the true motives behind the turf war will be revealed in fiery bursts.

Disciplinary Mayhem: Principal Beelzebub will have his hands full trying to restore order. Expect detention explosions, demon detention squads, and maybe even a visit from the Infernal Board of Education in this hilarious and hellishly chaotic chapter.


The echoes of Hyunsung’s name swept through the corridors of Chеol-il high school like a wildfire, each mention accompanied by the weight of rumors portraying him as a formidable fighter—the one who had sent Youngmin, a notorious bully, straight to juvenile detention. While some dismissed these whispers with skepticism, others couldn’t help but feel a subtle flicker of unease.

Hyunsung’s entrance into the school was as sudden as a quiet storm amidst the usual bravado of schoolyard delinquents. His words, laced with a quiet authority, sliced through the haze of cigars and defiance. He spoke of agreements, the protection of turf, and a vision for a Daеsan school resonating with Chеol-il’s newfound order.

His followers, loyal shadows cloaked in allegiance, echoed his concerns. The whispers of the Golden Circle, a secret society mentioned in hushed tones, loomed as a threat that could potentially unravel their carefully constructed control. Undeterred, Hyunsung stood firm, promising a cleansing fire—a deluge of influence and resources to wash away the grime of bullying and fear that had plagued the school.

On the flip side of this divide, shadows lurked in the shadows. An arrogant bully, emboldened by his perceived power, subjected a student named Dеahyun to torment. The scene unfolded in an ugly dance of humiliation and extortion, a descent into darkness that mirrored the ongoing power struggles within the school’s complex social dynamics.

Release Date & Where to Read:

“Devil Returns To School Days” Chapter 43 is set to be released on December 24, 2023, at different times for various regions. International fans can read the chapter on Webtoon English, the official English arm of Naver, offering crisp translations and a user-friendly interface while supporting the creators through their official platform.

RegionRelease TimeDateWhere to Read
Japan (JST)12:00 AMSunday, December 24, 2023Webtoon English (Official English arm of Naver)
Korea (KST)12:00 AMSunday, December 24, 2023Webtoon English (Official English arm of Naver)
Australia (AEST)01:00 AMSunday, December 24, 2023Webtoon English (Official English arm of Naver)
USA (EST)11:00 AMSaturday, December 23, 2023Webtoon English (Official English arm of Naver)
UK (GMT)4:00 PMSaturday, December 23, 2023Webtoon English (Official English arm of Naver)