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The Genius Assassin Who Takes it All Chapter 10: Release Date & Recap

ByNishat Manzar

Dec 22, 2023

Sharpen your daggers and prime your intellect, assassins and aficionados alike, because Chapter 10 of “The Genius Assassin Who Takes it All” promises to send chills down your spine and plunge you deeper into the intricate web of this chilling narrative. Titled “Warning about Lee Yerin,” this chapter whispers of a new threat, one that could alter the game forever. So, brace yourselves for blood-soaked revelations and death-defying maneuvers, because the hunt is about to become even more perilous.

Spoiler Alert:

The title “Warning about Lee Yerin” hangs heavy in the air, casting a sinister shadow over the familiar dance of assassins and contracts. Who is this Lee Yerin? Are they a rival assassin vying for ultimate control, a vengeful wraith seeking retribution, or something far more sinister? Prepare to:

  • Unmask the Enigma: This chapter peels back the layers of mystery surrounding Lee Yerin, revealing their motivations, skills, and the true extent of the threat they pose. Expect an intricate dance of deduction and subterfuge as our protagonist attempts to decipher the secrets behind this enigmatic figure.
  • Shifting Sands of Alliance: As the specter of Lee Yerin looms, existing alliances may crumble and unexpected partnerships may form. Will our cunning assassin find unlikely allies among their usual rivals, or will they face this formidable foe alone?
  • A Trial by Fire: This chapter presents a crucible for our protagonist’s brilliance. Their genius, resourcefulness, and ability to adapt will be tested to the limit as they navigate the treacherous landscape brought forth by Lee Yerin’s arrival.
  • Blood-Soaked Revelations: Brace yourself for shocking truths to come to light. Secrets buried deep within the underbelly of the underworld will be unearthed, rewriting the known narrative and casting doubt on everything our protagonist thought they knew.


In the chapters that have unfolded, the narrative has been woven with the enigmatic emergence of Kang Ho, a character shrouded in mystery. His sudden entry disrupts the intricate power dynamics among various factions, injecting an unpredictable element into the unfolding drama. Simultaneously, the presence of the elusive Black Lion, a shadowy figure with unclear motives, deepens the layers of intrigue, casting shadows upon the unfolding events. As alliances ebb and flow like tides, the pivotal figure, Lee Yerin, stands at the nexus, holding the key to unlocking the truth. Her concealed secrets, entwined within the tapestry of her past, possess the potential to reshape the trajectory of the unfolding tale.

The assassin at the story’s core grapples with a labyrinth of conflicting loyalties, navigating a treacherous landscape where trust is a rare commodity concealed behind masks. Friendships and enmities intertwine, blurring the once-clear lines that separated allies from adversaries. Every decision reverberates through the narrative, and the consequences of these choices are not only far-reaching but deeply personal. In this intricate dance of shadows and alliances, the stakes heighten, and the path ahead becomes increasingly perilous.

As the tale progresses, the characters find themselves entangled in a web of complexity, where motivations remain veiled, and the true nature of alliances becomes a puzzle to unravel. In this evolving saga, the narrative threads tighten, pulling the reader deeper into a world where deception and loyalty are in constant flux. The stage is set for revelations and twists that promise to elevate the story to new heights of suspense and intrigue.

Lee Yerin: The Enigma

Lee Yerin, with her enigmatic aura, embodies both vulnerability and strength. Her past is a mosaic of shattered memories, and her actions carry weight. Is she a pawn or a player? The answers lie hidden in her past, waiting to be unearthed. As the plot thickens, Lee Yerin’s role becomes pivotal. She is the fulcrum upon which the story pivots—a catalyst for revelations and betrayals.

The Black Lion’s Warning

Chapter 10 introduces a warning—an ominous whisper that sends shivers down our protagonist’s spine. The Black Lion, a figure lurking in the shadows, issues cryptic messages. What game is being played? Whose strings are being pulled? The tension mounts as Kang Ho, Lee Yerin, and the Black Lion converge. Each move is a calculated risk, and the stakes escalate.

When and Where to Read: 

The chapter was last updated on December 18, 2023. Those eager to continue this pulse-pounding saga, Chapter 10: ‘Warning about Lee Yerin’ awaits on MSN. Immerse yourself in the shadows, follow the breadcrumb clues, and brace yourself for unexpected twists.