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Discover the Dark Secrets: The Priest of Corruption Chapter 17 Spoilers and Recap

ByNishat Manzar

Dec 23, 2023

The impending release of Chapter 17 in “The Priest of Corruption” is a source of eager anticipation for fans eagerly awaiting the unraveling of Marnak’s actions and the reasons behind his peculiar behavior towards Lady Irimel. This upcoming chapter promises to provide answers regarding any hidden intentions Marnak may harbor towards Lady Irimel and shed light on the mysterious late-night visit to her room.

The narrative of “The Priest of Corruption” revolves around an individual who, in a twist of fate, transforms into the very game character he had created—a character devoid of any extraordinary traits, relying solely on the support of a goddess.

In the previous Chapter 16, the storyline left off with Marnak and Karmen being confronted with a truth revealed by Lady Irimel. Faced with imminent danger from her brother’s plans to marry her off for his own gain, Lady Irimel seeks the assistance of Marnak and Karmen. She proposes a mutually beneficial arrangement, offering them substantial compensation—equivalent to their weight in gold—in exchange for accompanying her to Beatus, the family territory of the Irimels. Both Marnak and Karmen agree to this arrangement.

While staying at the inn during their journey, they find themselves compelled to teach a group of unruly customers a lesson. Despite their hopes for a moment of reprieve and rest, the chapter takes an unexpected turn when Marnak arrives at Lady Irimel’s room late at night. The unfolding events promise to add layers of intrigue and complexity to the narrative, leaving readers eagerly anticipating the revelations and developments in the upcoming installment.

Spoiler Alert:

Chapter 17, delves deeper into the protagonist’s tangled web of secrets and desires. Brace yourself for:

  • Unmasking the Shadows: Long-held secrets about the protagonist’s past and their connection to the city’s criminal underbelly might come to light. Prepare for shocking revelations that rewrite your understanding of their motivations and challenge your perception of good and evil.
  • A Dance with the Devil: The protagonist’s internal struggle between their faith and their darker impulses intensifies. Will they succumb to the temptations of power and vengeance, or find a way to reconcile their conflicting desires?
  • Vengeance Unleashed: Prepare for a reckoning as past sins ignite a vendetta. Old enemies resurface, blades are drawn, and blood may stain the sacred ground of the church.
  • Trials of Faith: The protagonist’s faith will be tested as they face impossible choices and witness the corruption that seeps into even the holiest of places. Can they hold onto their beliefs in the face of such moral decay?


In the preceding chapter, Chapter 16 of “The Priest of Corruption,” Derso’s sister makes a startling revelation, disclosing that her brother is the mastermind behind the heinous act of kidnapping. The sinister plot, she explains, stems from Derso’s deep-seated disdain for his sister.

Elaborating further, she unveils the underlying motive, attributing the family’s disdain for mages to their perceived self-centered nature. To put an end to her brother’s nefarious schemes, she discloses that the only solution lies in assuming the throne by eliminating him. To achieve this, she extends an offer to Marnak, urging him to accompany her to Beatus, a significant territory belonging to the Irimel family. In exchange for his assistance, she pledges to compensate him with an amount equivalent to his weight in gold. With a mutual agreement in place, they embark on the journey together.

During their stay at an inn, Marnak notices unruly customers mistreating a waitress. In response, he takes it upon himself to deliver a few well-deserved punches, imparting a valuable lesson. The establishment’s owner expresses gratitude for their intervention, appreciating their efforts to quell the disturbance.

As night falls, Lady Irimel, exhausted from a day filled with confrontations and travel, seeks solace in her room. Anticipating a well-deserved rest, she is unexpectedly joined by Marnak, who, with her consent, enters and swiftly warns her against waking Karmen. The chapter concludes with an air of suspense, leaving readers eager to discover the developments that lie ahead.

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