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“Surgical Secrets Revealed: Doctor’s Rebirth Chapter 144 Spoilers and Recap”

ByNishat Manzar

Dec 23, 2023

Get ready to sterilize your scalpels and sharpen your curiosity, Doctor’s Rebirth fans! Chapter 144 promises to dissect long-held secrets, reveal hidden connections, and leave you gasping for the next installment. Cheon Woo and Sima Hyun find themselves gearing up for a showdown with Haryoon, prompted by the former protagonist’s request for a match. Cheonhee, indirectly responsible for this conflict, has no influence over the situation. Nonetheless, he prepares to embark on a new journey once Haryoon’s injuries are fully healed in Doctor’s Rebirth Chapter 144.

In contrast to many action series where the main character is bestowed with cheats to navigate a perilous world, this narrative takes a distinctive approach. The protagonist not only lacks any advantageous cheats but is intentionally not positioned as the strongest character. Transitioning from a doctor in his previous life, Cheonhee continues on a similar path in his newfound existence.

Throughout his time in this new world, Cheonhee has undergone significant character development, most recently attaining the ability of dual channeling. This newfound skill allows him to wield two elements simultaneously, bestowing upon him a versatile and expansive toolkit. This versatility proved crucial in recent chapters when he faced off against necromancers and his black Jiangshi during an attack on the local village, showcasing the evolving prowess of the protagonist. So,prep your magnifying glasses, because the operating theatre of truth is about to be illuminated.

Spoiler Alert:

Chapter 144, promises to delve into the murky depths of the protagonist’s past life. Brace yourself for:

  • Ancestral Echoes: Long-forgotten memories might surface, revealing connections to prominent figures and forgotten historical events. Prepare for shocking revelations that rewrite your understanding of the protagonist’s lineage and purpose.
  • Dissecting the Conspiracy: The shadowy organization that haunts the protagonist’s past will come under greater scrutiny. Expect new clues to emerge, alliances to shift, and hidden agendas to be exposed.
  • Forbidden Research: The boundaries between medical ethics and scientific ambition might be blurred. Will the protagonist succumb to the dark temptation of forbidden knowledge to achieve their goals?
  • Betrayal’s Bitter Pill: Prepare for the sting of betrayal as trusted allies might reveal hidden motives or harbor secret allegiances. The lines between friend and foe will be redrawn, forcing the protagonist to make painful choices.\


In Doctor’s Rebirth Chapter 143, one of the top three individuals expressed keen interest in Cheonhee. The attraction stemmed from the White Dragon’s high regard for the fantasy protagonist and his medical proficiency. This particular doctor envisioned Cheonhee becoming skilled in handling Jiangshi and handling a significant portion of his responsibilities.

Cheonhee found this perspective reminiscent of a Pokemon trainer rather than that of a doctor, but he chose not to voice his thoughts. Instead, he directed his attention to his fellow comrade, who had suffered finger injuries in the preceding chapters. There was a matter of importance he wished to discuss with the world’s savior, but it would have to be postponed.

Upon Haryoon’s recovery, he expressed eagerness to dive back into action immediately. However, the protagonist cautioned him against recklessness, emphasizing the risk of reopening wounds and prolonging the recovery period. It was during this conversation that Cheonhee raised the topic of Cheon Woo and Sima Hyun expressing their desire to become brothers with him.

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“Doctor’s Rebirth” Chapter 144 is scheduled to be released on December 25, 2023, at different times for various regions. Readers can find the chapter available to read on the Kakao Page starting December 26, 2023.

Get ready for a heart-pounding journey of self-discovery and medical breakthroughs in “Doctor’s Rebirth” Chapter 144. This chapter promises to be a critical turning point, revealing hidden chapters of the past, forcing difficult choices, and leaving you desperate for the next chapter in this captivating tale of a doctor’s second chance.