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I Killed an Academy Player Chapter 13: Recap & Release Date 

ByNishat Manzar

Dec 23, 2023

Step into the blood-soaked arena of I Killed an Academy Player, where shadows dance and every clash could be your last. Chapter 13 promises to send shockwaves through the Academy, leaving you breathless and desperate for the next chapter.In “I Slayed an Academy Player,” the ground of the prestigious academy bore witness to a gruesome spectacle, as blood splattered like crimson rain, transforming the once pristine cobblestones into a canvas of macabre artistry. The metallic tang lingered heavily in the air, enveloping his uniform like a shroud, while his hands, now slick with the remnants of the deed, trembled subtly. The shock of his actions had yet to fully settle.

As a mere nobody in the grand hierarchy of the Elites, he had committed the unthinkable – the slaying of a player, a golden boy with a pedigree as polished as his platinum hair. The victim, a sneering viper with a venomous tongue and a heart colder than winter frost, lay crumpled at his feet, eyes wide and accusatory, forever frozen in a mask of disbelief.

The weight of the act pressed down on him like a physical force, an overwhelming mixture of exhilaration and dread. Had he finally broken free from the shackles of his predetermined fate, or had he plunged himself deeper into an abyss of his own making? Whispers echoed, accusing stares pierced him, and the looming specter of retribution clawed at the edges of his sanity. Yet, amidst the chaos, a flicker of defiance sparked in his eyes. He had tasted blood, the forbidden nectar of rebellion, igniting a fire within him – a primal hunger for a future etched not in servitude but in the crimson ink of his choosing. The game had changed, and the stakes were life and death.

Chapter 13 of “I Slayed an Academy Player” commences, a new chapter inscribed in the blood of defiance. Here, the line between victim and victor blurs, and the only certainty is the crimson melody of rebellion. So, sharpen your practice swords and tighten your resolve, because the path to power is paved with sacrifice.

Spoiler Alert:

Chapter 13, delves deeper into the shadowy machinations that plague the Academy. Brace yourself for:

  • Fallout from the Incident: The fallout from [Previous Chapter’s major event] will be swift and brutal. Expect recriminations, investigations, and perhaps even expulsion for those who dared to defy the Academy’s authority.
  • Training Under Duress: The pressure to excel intensifies as the protagonist navigates the treacherous landscape of heightened scrutiny and suspicion. Will they succumb to the pressure or emerge stronger from the crucible?
  • Secrets Unbound: Long-held secrets about the Academy’s past and the motivations of its instructors might come to light. Prepare for shocking revelations that rewrite your understanding of the institution and its true purpose.
  • A Dance with Death: The protagonist will face a formidable opponent in the training grounds, one who holds the key to unlocking their own hidden potential. This duel could be a turning point, pushing them to new heights or leaving them mortally wounded.


Thе notification rang out, signaling a critical juncture where the fate of the world hung in the balance. The demon tribe, wielding an orb of unprecedented power, had upped the ante with the emergence of a newly awakened vampire capable of creating these orbs. The stakes soared to incomprehensible heights. Amidst the ensuing chaos, Mariette, a calm presence in the storm, reassured his team, asserting that the demon wouldn’t be able to fully harness its Mana.

However, the repercussions of underestimating the enemy soon became evident. The demon unleashed a wide-area attack, compelling Yuel, their defensive mage, to activate her rapid development and spirit protection. A protective dome materialized, but doubt lingered in Jaeger’s mind. What if the demon breached this fragile shield? Yuel’s Mana reserves dwindled with each passing second, the strain etched on her face.

Mariette, ever the strategist, elucidated the boss’s attack pattern – a four-phase ordeal, each deadlier than the last. Phase one involved testing their mettle against surrounding monsters. The demon itself would then emerge, demanding their combined might to defeat. Only after overcoming this grueling test would phase three, the “Blood Realm,” commence – a one-on-one duel where Mariette would find himself trapped alone.

When & Where to Read

Certainly, here is the information arranged in a table format:

Time ZoneRelease TimeDateWhere to Read
Japan (JST)12:00 AMWednesday, December 27, 2023Naver (Official Publisher)
Korea (KST)12:00 AMWednesday, December 27, 2023Naver (Official Publisher)
Australia (AEST)1:00 AMWednesday, December 27, 2023Naver (Official Publisher)
USA (EST)11:00 AMTuesday, December 26, 2023Naver (Official Publisher)
UK (GMT)4:00 PMTuesday, December 26, 2023Naver (Official Publisher)

“I Killed an Academy Player” Chapter 13 is scheduled to be released on December 27, 2023, at different times for various regions. Readers can find the chapter available to read on Naver, the official publisher of the series.