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Kage No Eiyuu No Nichijou-Tan Chapter 36: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

ByNishat Manzar

Dec 23, 2023

Chapter 36 of Kage No Eiyuu No Nichijou-Tan, a manga series that has captivated its audience with an engaging plot and well-crafted characters, stands out as a pivotal moment in the unfolding narrative. As the series unfolds, each chapter contributes to the depth and intrigue of the overall storyline, making it an immersive experience for readers.

Having concluded the previous chapter, the anticipation builds as Kage No Eiyuu No Nichijou-Tan Chapter 36 promises to carry the plot forward, offering significant developments and unexpected twists. The confirmed continuation of the storyline ensures that readers will be treated to more revelations and exciting turns in the upcoming chapter.

For those eagerly awaiting the continuation of the story, a recap and synopsis can provide a glimpse into what lies ahead in Kage No Eiyuu No Nichijou-Tan Chapter 36, heightening the anticipation for the next installment in this compelling manga series.

Spoiler Alert:

Chapter 36, promises to bring the shadows closer to the forefront, blurring the lines between friend and foe, and raising the stakes higher than ever before. Brace yourself for:

  • Unmasking the Mole: Long-held suspicions will come to a head as it uncovers the identity of a hidden antagonist within the Academy or their circle of friends. Prepare for betrayal, deception, and a clash of loyalties.
  • Shadow Games Begin: A high-stakes mission will test the protagonist’s skills and determination. Expect intricate traps, formidable opponents, and the need to utilize their shadow abilities in creative and strategic ways.
  • School Life… with Secrets: The delicate balance between ordinary school life and covert operations will be stretched to its limits. Get ready for hilarious (and potentially disastrous) clashes between teenage anxieties and ninja training.
  • Alliances Forged in Darkness: Unlikely partnerships might form in the face of a common enemy, forcing the protagonist to trust those they might not have considered before. Be prepared for surprising collaborations and unexpected bromances.


Elysia and her companions engage in a profound discussion about the repercussions of recent events within the academy. The narrative pivots toward the intricate challenge of steering a nation towards lasting peace. While the protagonists receive commendation for their valiant efforts, a lingering sense persists that not all issues have been neatly resolved.

Preparations for the upcoming Magical Games Festival are underway, signifying impending challenges and unresolved matters on the horizon. Despite the hardships, the chapter concludes on an optimistic note, setting the stage for the festival’s opening ceremony, which is marked by a modern commencement.

In a reflective moment contemplating the value of a “normal life,” the protagonist expresses gratitude for the simple joys it brings. To put it plainly, the chapter begins with a significant revelation: Vallenso is alive! The chapter wraps up with a commitment to savoring life alongside friends and safeguarding the most cherished aspects.

Later revelations unveil the unfortunate fate of Frau-Sa, and the characters express anger at not being informed sooner. In addition to the ongoing war between the Hero and the Demon King, Frau-Sa’s demise casts a somber shadow over the Hero. The characters within the story grapple with the difficulties that follow in the aftermath of war, as they strive to improve the situation for everyone affected.

Upon learning of Frau-Sa’s death in action, a sense of betrayal permeates the protagonist’s emotions for being kept in the dark. The plot unfolds against the backdrop of the concluding stages of the war between the Hero and the Demon King.

Despite emerging victorious over the Demon King, the protagonist finds it challenging to revel in the triumph, overshadowed by the grief of Frau-Sa’s loss. Numerous references underscore the toll of war, the sacrifices made, and the harsh reality of losing comrades, contributing to a poignant dialogue.

As the characters brace themselves for the emotional upheaval, the protagonist contemplates the imperative need for a shared path among those who have weathered the war. Themes of peace, healing, and envisioning a brighter future for all take center stage in the chapter.

Despite being initially perceived as an adversary, Vallen emerges as someone who earnestly sought to warn others about impending threats to forestall future suffering. However, a dissenting voice within the narrative emphasizes the limitations of enduring perpetual conflicts.

The protagonist grapples with Twilight’s nuanced understanding of strength and empathy, injecting further complexity into the ongoing discourse. A fresh character named Tweight makes an entrance, introducing a new perspective into the unfolding narrative.

When & Where to Read: 

Time ZoneRelease TimeDateWhere to Read
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“Kage No Eiyuu No Nichijou-Tan” Chapter 36 is scheduled to release on December 27, 2023, at different times for various regions. Fans can read the chapter on Comic Walker.