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“Leona’s Dilemma: The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic Chapter 66 Training Arc Revealed!”

ByNishat Manzar

Dec 23, 2023

Falga, the Divine Dragon, entrusts Leona, a former hero candidate, with the responsibility of training Usato for future endeavors in The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic Chapter 66. Despite this divine assignment, Leona harbors reservations and carries unresolved issues that cast a shadow over the entire affair. The onus of resolving these lingering concerns falls squarely on Usato’s shoulders.

Following the triumph over the malevolent dragon, the party anticipates revealing itself to Falga’s benevolent counterpart. However, an unspoken truth lingers as Amako withholds her direct involvement in awakening the evil dragon. Usato, indifferent to the magnitude of the damage and perhaps accommodating towards his partner, allows this revelation to go unaddressed.

Amidst the aftermath, the enigma surrounding Karon’s transformation into the demon lord persists among the party members. Fortunately, Falga, possessing a wealth of knowledge, becomes an invaluable source of insights, providing the party with a deeper understanding that would have remained elusive otherwise. The encounter with the wise dragon proves fruitful, yet it leaves the party with a fresh set of questions, adding new layers of complexity to their ongoing journey.

Spoiler Alert:

In the forthcoming installment, The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic Chapter 66, the narrative takes a turn towards a training arc within the fantasy realm. Usato finds himself undergoing an instructive phase guided by Leona, a dual role-holder as a guardian for Princess Norn and a former candidate for the hero position. Leona’s journey took an unexpected twist, rendering her ineligible for the esteemed hero role that entails purging the world of evil forces.

Once entrusted with a crucial responsibility, circumstances led Leona to relinquish her role, subsequently passing the mantle to another. Complicating matters, Leona is now tasked with imparting swordsmanship skills to the newfound hero, the successor in the ongoing battle against the demon lord – the very same demon lord who held the heroic title before her. This sets the stage for a profound exploration into the mysteries of being the world’s chosen hero, prompting contemplation on the true essence of heroism and its impact on an individual. The chapter delves into the complexities and implications of bearing the heroic mantle, unraveling the multifaceted nature of this pivotal role.


Chapter 65 of The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic commences with a draconic directive, urging Nea and Amako to unveil their concealed identities. Princess Norn, taken aback by this revelation, processes the information and, despite the shock, embraces the truth, leading her to a profound realization. If Nea and Amako harbor secret forms, it raises the query of whether Usato possesses a concealed aspect as well, prompting the princess to encourage him to disclose it to the group.

Usato, the main character, responds with a serene smile, asserting that the form he presents is his genuine self, free of hidden facets. The subsequent segment of the chapter revolves around Falga’s commendation of Usato’s commendable endeavors and the substantial progress he has achieved. In a quintessentially shonen fashion, Usato modestly attributes his accomplishments to the collective efforts of the entire party.

Despite Usato’s attempt to share the credit, the dragon remains undeterred and lauds him anew for recognizing his comrades’ contributions and their recent battle. However, Falga harbors expectations for Usato to surpass his current capabilities and devises a small evaluative trial for him. This trial entails facing the most formidable adversary he has encountered and emerged victorious against – none other than Rose.

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“The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic” Chapter 66 is scheduled to be released on December 29, 2023, and readers can access it on Comic Walker.