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Report Indicates Reliance Jio’s Pursuit Of $2 Billion Offshore Financing With BNP Paribas.

ByNishat Manzar

Sep 4, 2023

India’s biggest telecommunications company, Reliance Jio Infocomm, is in the process of securing offshore loans amounting to $2 billion, with BNP Paribas leading the arrangement.

This substantial financial infusion is earmarked to support the acquisition of advanced 5G network equipment from Ericsson. Notably, the Swedish export credit agency EKN has stepped in with a protective measure, offering a $2.2 billion coverage to safeguard both Ericsson and the participating lenders from potential risks.

Reliance Jio, India’s telecommunications giant, is embarking on a strategic financial endeavor to raise a substantial sum of USD $2 billion through offshore loans. This significant capital infusion is primarily aimed at facilitating the acquisition of cutting-edge 5G network equipment from Ericsson, a prominent networking and telecommunications company headquartered in Stockholm. BNP Paribas, a renowned financial services company, has assumed a pivotal role as the lead arranger in orchestrating this ambitious initiative, which is poised to reshape the telecommunications landscape in India.

The magnitude of this financial transaction cannot be understated, as it reflects Reliance Jio’s unwavering commitment to advancing its technological capabilities and expanding its network infrastructure. According to reliable sources reported in The Economic Times, BNP Paribas has pledged to extend financial support in the range of USD $1.9 to $2 billion over a span of nine months. This timeline is of critical importance, as it aligns with Jio’s strategic plan to repay its obligations not only to Ericsson but also to BNP Paribas and several other banks involved in this multifaceted financial arrangement.

The financing mechanism employed in this endeavor is characterized by a discounted process, a method intricately designed to optimize the deployment of funds. Over the course of these nine months, Reliance Jio will diligently execute repayments in a series of tranches. This structured approach not only enhances financial flexibility but also ensures prudent resource allocation, ultimately bolstering the organization’s financial stability.

Complementing this financial venture is the recent intervention of the Swedish Export Credit Agency, EKN, which has extended a protective shield in the form of a USD $2.2 billion insurance coverage. This coverage serves a dual purpose – safeguarding Reliance Jio’s investments in Ericsson’s 5G infrastructure and reassuring global lenders who are involved in this monumental undertaking. EKN’s support is emblematic of the collaborative efforts between international financial institutions and corporations to mitigate risks and foster sustainable growth in the telecommunications sector.

The significance of EKN’s insurance coverage becomes all the more evident when one considers the broader context. In India, telecom companies are yet to fully monetize their 5G services, which introduces an element of uncertainty for lenders. This insurance coverage effectively alleviates these concerns by insulating the financial interests of all parties involved.

 Additionally, it serves as a safeguard against the potential impact of exchange rate fluctuations, as a depreciation of the Indian rupee against the dollar could amplify Reliance Jio’s foreign debt repayment obligations.

Mukesh Ambani, the visionary Chairman of Reliance Industries, provided valuable insights during the company’s annual general meeting, shedding light on the ambitious timeline for their 5G rollout. He emphasized that starting in December, Jio will be fully equipped to meet the burgeoning demand for 5G connectivity. The extent of their network coverage is nothing short of remarkable, with over 96% of India’s census towns already enveloped in Jio’s 5G embrace. Furthermore, the Chairman proudly declared that they are well on track to extend this comprehensive coverage to the entire nation by the end of the year.

One of the standout achievements is the remarkable pace of their 5G deployment, with Jio adding one 5G cell to its network every 10 seconds. By December, they anticipate having nearly 1 million operational 5G cells, solidifying their status as the fastest-ever 5G rollout of this magnitude in the world. These achievements underscore Jio’s commitment to revolutionizing the telecommunications landscape in India, enabling businesses, households, schools, hospitals, and more to access the transformative benefits of 5G technology.


Reliance Jio’s strategic move to raise USD $2 billion in offshore loans through BNP Paribas represents a pivotal moment in India’s telecommunications history. 

This substantial investment is poised to fuel the acquisition of state-of-the-art 5G infrastructure from Ericsson, propelling the nation’s digital transformation forward. 

The involvement of EKN in providing insurance coverage is a testament to the importance of risk mitigation in complex financial transactions of this magnitude.

 As Reliance Jio’s visionary leadership sets an ambitious course for widespread 5G adoption across India, the world watches with anticipation as this technological revolution unfolds.

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