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The Iron-Blooded Necromancer Has Returned Chapter 31: Release Date & Recap

ByNishat Manzar

Dec 29, 2023

In the realm known as ‘Hela,’ a domain saturated with bloodshed and incessant battles, it felt as though a fragment of hell itself was intertwined with its existence. Kang Hyuk, against his will, found himself forcibly summoned to this world, a place where the ethos revolved around the stark choice of kill or be killed. In this dystopian landscape, the embrace of death appeared to be a peculiar kind of reprieve for Kang Hyuk.

The circumstances leading to his arrival in Hela remained shrouded in mystery, but Kang Hyuk discovered solace in the newfound ability to command the very entities he had vanquished. A macabre symbiosis emerged – the more formidable the adversaries that sought to assail him, the more potent his growing legion became. The inhabitants of Hela were not ordinary; each presented a unique set of abilities that defied the norms of humanity.

After a decade of navigating the treacherous terrain, contending with adversaries wielding transcendent powers, Kang Hyuk stumbled upon a dimensional gateway. With his brother opting to depart, Kang Hyuk, having evolved through years of survival, now stands as the undisputed ultimate Necromancer.

Spoiler Alert:

  • Brace for Impact: Intense Action Unfolding

Prepare yourself for a riveting experience as “The Iron-Blooded Necromancer Has Returned” gears up for chapters filled with heightened tension and relentless action. Kaligini’s unwavering determination hints at a forthcoming clash that promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

  • Secrets of the Soulstone

 The mysterious Soulstone might reveal another facet of its secrets, shedding light on its origins, its connection to [Protagonist’s Name], and its significance in the larger web of the story. Brace yourself for unexpected revelations, alliances forged on trust and desperation, and a potential path to breaking the cycle of undeath.

  • Alliances Forged in the Crypts

Unlikely partnerships might bloom in the face of a common enemy, uniting undead legions with unexpected allies. Be prepared for surprising camaraderie, betrayals revisited, and the realization that even in the realm of the dead, loyalty can be found in the most unexpected places.

  • Unraveling Visions: Kang Hyuk’s Mysterious Insight

Amidst the looming confrontation, delve into the enigma of Kang Hyuk’s haunting visions. As the plot thickens, expect revelations that will shed light on the intricate tapestry of Kang Hyuk’s psyche and the cryptic messages concealed within his premonitions.

  • Revealing Motivations: Confrontations and Insights

Anticipate face-offs that go beyond physical battles, unraveling the motivations and innermost thoughts of the protagonists. Dive deep into the emotional and psychological realms as characters confront one another, exposing layers of complexity that add depth to the narrative.

  • Clash of Titans: Kang Hyuk vs. Kaligini

The stage is set for a monumental clash between Kang Hyuk and Kaligini. Explore the extent of their strength and prowess in a crucial face-off that will undoubtedly be laden with breathtaking action sequences. The outcome of this battle is poised to reshape the dynamics of the storyline.

  • Aftermath: Emotional Repercussions and Unforeseen Twists

Even after the dust settles, brace yourself for an altered landscape where nothing remains the same. Navigate through emotional and potentially unexpected repercussions that follow the conflict. The aftermath promises to unravel the true nature of personalities, motives, and relationships, forcing characters to confront tough choices and make compromises.

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions, revelations, and unparalleled action as “The Iron-Blooded Necromancer Has Returned” unfolds its next chapters.


In the gripping narrative of “The Iron-Blooded Necromancer Has Returned,” Chapter 30 takes an intriguing turn as Kang Hyuk unravels a mysterious revelation to Kang Min, delving deep into the unsettling visions of death that haunt him. The story takes a compelling twist as Kang Hyuk invokes Kaligini, the formidable 7th legion, infusing the narrative with heightened tension and unwavering resolve. As the chapter unfolds, Kaligini embarks on a perilous pursuit, fueled by determination and an unyielding sense of purpose.

The suspense reaches its zenith as subtle hints are dropped, foretelling the imminent climax of this high-stakes adventure. At the center of this impending epic battle stands Kaligini, a captivating entity of immense power, whose presence foreshadows a confrontation of monumental proportions.

Readers are thrust into the heart of the action as the war erupts, with Kaligini’s lightning-fast maneuvers, unparalleled agility, and extraordinary prowess adding a sense of wonder to the impending conflict. The narrative keeps readers on the edge of their seats as they grapple with the enigmas surrounding Kaligini’s enigmatic past, Kang Hyuk’s haunting visions, and the looming confrontation that promises to reshape the course of the plot.

When & Where to read: 

Time ZoneRelease TimeDateWhere to Read
Japanese Standard Time (JST)10:00 PMFriday, December 29thKakao Page
Central European Time (CET)03:00 PMFriday, December 29thKakao Page
New York (EST)09:00 AMFriday, December 29thKakao Page
Australian Capital Time (AEST)12:00 AMFriday, December 29thKakao Page
Pacific Time (PST)06:00 AMFriday, December 29thKakao Page
Eastern European Time (EET)03:00 PMFriday, December 29thKakao Page

“The Iron-Blooded Necromancer Has Returned” Chapter 31 will be available on Kakao Page, and readers can access it with a subscription on the official site. The release is scheduled for every Friday.

Get ready for a heart-pounding journey of necromantic power, chilling confrontations, and the unending quest for dominion over life and death in The Iron-Blooded Necromancer Chapter 31. This chapter promises to be a bone-raising game-changer, pushing the boundaries of magic, forging unexpected alliances, and leaving you desperate for the next chapter in this enthralling tale of the necromancer who refuses to stay buried.