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The Oval Season 5 Episode 11: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

ByNishat Manzar

Dec 24, 2023

The trajectory of BET’s captivating drama series, The Oval, is about to undergo a compelling transformation as the return of Jason propels Hunter into a vengeful pursuit. Victoria, Donald, and their cohorts must navigate this precarious situation with utmost caution, as a misstep could lead to their permanent expulsion from the White House.

Tyler Perry’s The Oval, a political drama, intricately weaves the lives of the President, Hunter, First Lady Victoria, and their children within the confines of the White House. Beyond the first family, the series unravels the duplicitous and clandestine existence of those employed in their service.

Having sustained its intrigue over five seasons, this soap opera promises heightened entertainment with its latest narrative twist. Jason, presumed by Victoria to have departed for good, resurfaces with a mission for retribution. The fifth season of The Oval features Ed Quinn as Hunter, Kron Moore as Victoria, Daniel Croix Henderson portraying Jason, and Javon Johnson in the role of Richard Hallsen.

Spoiler Alert:

While the full contents of Episode 11 remain shrouded in the veil of executive privilege, tantalizing rumors from the Secret Service hint at what might unfold:

  • Hunter’s Wrath Unbound: Hunter’s simmering rage over his father’s betrayal might boil over, leading to a confrontation that could shatter the family unit for good. Expect accusations, heated exchanges, and the potential for irreversible damage to their already strained relationship.
  • Kareem and Antonio in the Crosshairs: With their secret pact exposed, Kareem and Antonio find themselves facing the wrath of Hunter and the ruthless calculations of a vengeful enemy. Prepare for desperate maneuvers, unlikely alliances, and a race against time to escape the consequences of their actions.
  • First Lady’s Double Game: Is there more to the First Lady’s recent moves than meets the eye? Could she be playing a long con, manipulating both sides for her own personal gain? Prepare for subtle power plays, veiled threats, and a glimpse into the depths of her political cunning.
  • Ghosts of the Past Emerge: A seemingly unrelated event might trigger a repressed memory in one of the main characters, forcing them to confront a painful secret from their past. Expect emotional turmoil, unexpected connections, and a deeper understanding of their motivations.

Having uncovered the culprits behind his perilous drug overdose, Hunter is fueled by an unwavering determination to exact a retaliation that surpasses expectations. Armed with comprehensive knowledge about the Fentanyl incident, Antonio and Kareem find themselves ensnared in the web of Hunter’s wrath, making their escape from his seething anger a formidable challenge. The two individuals are now compelled to explore every avenue in a desperate attempt to extricate themselves from this intricate and precarious situation.


Victoria receives a disconcerting call from Jason, who threatens to expose both her and Hunter, divulging their illicit activities to the world. Faced with the gravity of the situation, Victoria, in a state of apprehension, reaches out to Donald for assistance. In response, Donald takes the initiative to target Jason, vowing to unveil his identity. To accomplish this, he enlists Kyle’s help in accessing the White House servers to scrutinize Victoria’s call history.

Despite Victoria’s urgency to locate Jason swiftly, she exhibits a degree of reluctance regarding the scrutiny of her call history. Consequently, she instructs Kyle to limit the data collection to calls made within the last hour. Both Donald and Victoria are aware that infiltrating the servers could trigger Sam’s awareness, potentially alerting Hunter to their actions.

Amidst these developments, Nancy pays a visit to the White House to reconcile with Richard, whom she had previously offended. Regretful of her hurtful remarks, Nancy seeks immediate forgiveness. However, Richard, still harboring resentment, expresses a desire for some time away from home.

Subsequently, Richard informs Sam that Hunter, armed and agitated, is on a shooting spree. Faced with the summons, Sam reluctantly enters Hunter’s room. In a quirky turn of events, Hunter, unable to identify the person he found on his bed, resorts to an amusing method, instructing Sam to cover his head and turn around. Although baffled, Sam is relieved that Hunter refrains from shooting him.

In another twist, Kareem, under duress, lures Antonio into a trap. Meanwhile, Victoria and Donald trace the location of Jason’s mobile, discovering it to be a burner phone positioned a few blocks away from the White House.

This revelation places Victoria in a precarious situation, where a single misstep could jeopardize her seemingly idyllic tenure at the White House. Simultaneously, Hunter persists in his quest to uncover those responsible for the injustices against him, with Antonio unaware that Hunter has now identified the instigator of the Fentanyl overdose.

When & Where to Watch:

Time ZoneRelease TimeDate
Pacific Standard Time (PST)6:00 PMDecember 26, 2023
Eastern Standard Time (EST)9:00 PMDecember 26, 2023
British Summer Time (BST)2:00 AMDecember 27, 2023
Central Eastern Time (CET)3:00 AMDecember 27, 2023

Tyler Perry’s The Oval Season 5 Episode 11 will be released at the specified times in different time zones on December 26, 2023.

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