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The Way That Knight Lives As A Lady Chapter 100 : Recap, release date, and spoilers

ByNishat Manzar

Sep 26, 2023
The Way That Knight Lives As A Lady Chapter 100

The day before the decisive battle, Estelle, a knight from the Kingdom Ersha, Khalid, was assassinated by her trusty servant. She is reborn as Lucifela Aydin, a spoiled, cold-hearted noblewoman in the Empire of Jansgar who is betrothed to Zedekiah Heint, and her trip takes an unexpected turn as a result. She also finds out that her nation surrendered to Jansdgar three years ago, after she passed away.

In order to get vengeance on Khalid, she unravels the circumstances behind her murder. She learns about the difficulties experienced by Nobel women along the road and observes their struggles to go over cultural constraints.

Don’t worry if you’re wondering when The Way That Knight Lives As A Lady’s next installment will be published. The publication date of this manhwa, the previous chapter summary, the release date, and where you can read it will all be included, just as in this post.

Recap of Chapter 99 of The Way That Knight Lives As A Lady

A discussion between Lucifela and Eozif occurred in the previous chapter of The Way That Knight Lives As A Lady. Asking Eozif was Lucifela. “Seducing the fiancé to switch his allegiance?” Asking Eozif was Lucifela. Eozif remarked on her honesty in response.

Lucifela swiftly rejected Eozif’s offer and made it apparent that she didn’t want to mess with anyone’s emotions, thus it seemed that Eozif had other intentions. Instead of engaging her, she suggests that Eozif speak with her fiancé directly.

Eozif offered Lucifela a desire in the event that he became a prince, which was the opportunity to assassinate Khalid Rurik, anticipating her rejection.

Lucifela was astonished to learn that Eozif continued to refer to her as “Mr. Supert.” Eozif predicted that Lucifela had aided Balder Hausen, but it is unknown if he has managed to flee.

Eozif informed Lucifela that if she declined his offer, he would look into her role in that crime. He also enquired of Lucifela if she had visited the shrine.

Eozif made the decision to go to the shrine personally at the time because he found everything he had heard to be untrue. Both of them inquired, “Can the dead come back?,” since Khalid Rurik seemed to know something about the subject.

They were informed that although going back in time is impossible, being reincarnated is feasible. Eozif said that Lucifela uses both the goddess’s identity and physical form to undergo rebirth. Hearing this, Lucifela became quiet.

Eozif wasted no time in making the case to Lucifela for her position by bringing up the life of her fiancé. He also cautioned her that she would lose her freedom of action if the truth about Knight Estella’s reincarnation as Lucifela were to come to light. She was thought to have assisted Balder Hausen in escaping, therefore he gave her a contract.

The fact that Lucifela wants Ursha to be independent, he continues, prevents her from making Jansgar dangerous since he has a duty to defend his people.

Additionally, it was indicated that Lucifela’s betrothed will shortly visit Ursha. In contrast to Lucifela’s assumption, Eozif tells her that Jansgar extended its area and Ursha survived despite being overrun by the conflict.

He questioned Lucifela as to why she had turned down his offer of independence despite being the knight who had defended Ursha, saying that she didn’t want to mess with people’s feelings.

Lucifela said that it was crucial that it be difficult to be persuaded while a knight brandishing a sword. She also said that someone who spends all of their time reading books in the palace would not have a complete understanding of what it is like to be a knight or the reality of battle.

Eozif objected, stating that Lucifer wasn’t being entirely truthful with herself. Despite her anger, Lucifela thought about how she felt about Jederkaire Heint. She cautioned Eozif not to prematurely draw conclusions about her sentiments since doing so would make her uncomfortable.

Eozif states before departing that while Jederkaire Heint may not be well-versed in chivalry, he is well-versed in warfare, therefore he will have to give up because Lucifela said he must and find another method to persuade Jederkaire Heint. He then excused himself since Miss Loer’s special tea was waiting and becoming cold.

100th Chapter of The Way That Knight Lives As A Lady

On October 2, 2023, at midnight KST, The Way That Knight Lives As A Lady Chapter 100 will be published. Weekly chapters releases are made. The many world time zones for the various areas are shown below for this manhwa.

On Monday, October 2, 2023 at midnight, Korea Standard Time.

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1:00 PM on Monday, October 2, 2023 in Australian Capital Territory

Where Can I Read About The Knight That Lives As A Lady?

Readers may read Chapter 100 of The Way That Knight Lives As A Lady as the English translation of this manga on the official Webtoon .