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Ways to Satisfy a Devil Chapter 18: Release Information, Synopsis, and Spoilers

ByNishat Manzar

Sep 26, 2023
Ways to Satisfy a Devil Chapter 18

How to Please a Devil Next week will see the publication of Chapter 18. In the manga series “Ways to Satisfy a Devil,” intended for adults, fantasy and romance are seamlessly woven into the plot. This interesting novel examines the intricate network of return and heavenly sadness with the aid of the creative talent of Saejagga, Yusoi, Ant Studio, and Relstudio.

Memories last a lifetime even if our protagonist is trapped in a never-ending cycle of rebirth. Their faith in God is jeopardized by the numerous catastrophes that claim the lives of their loved ones. They appeal to the devil for assistance in getting rid of their recurring nightmares.

They develop a close bond once their demon shows up, and they dare to make a deal that might alter their everlasting fate. Without a doubt, “Ways to Satisfy a Devil” will be a captivating tale in which the boundaries between good and evil are ambiguous and the pursuit of knowledge and comfort assumes a central role.

Readers are in for a gripping voyage into a world where the devil just could hold the key to redemption as the main character pursues this perilous road. Let’s look at the publication date, times, and locations for chapter 18 of Ways to Satisfy a Devil.

Ways to Satisfy a Devil Chapter 17 : Recap

It was promised in Chapter 17 of “Ways to Satisfy a Devil” that Miss Black, the daughter of the Earl of Black, would receive a pricey wedding present that had been delivered from Victoria. Everyone was in awe of Miss Black’s exquisite gift, particularly because it perfectly complemented her wedding outfit. The medal was especially noteworthy since Miss Black reflected Victoria’s current optimism.

Her soon-to-be spouse and the delicate political balance she must keep are both represented by the present. The young lady felt overburdened by her new responsibilities and position.

A big crowd gathered to assure the gift’s safe arrival and to make sure it wasn’t a conventional sign of love. Despite the fact that the activity’s main objective is to reduce conflict, everyone involved is aware of how difficult it is.

In spite of the importance and seriousness of the matter, Shark Black, Miss Black’s younger sister, sent a letter on their behalf. Miss Black sends him a heartfelt letter expressing her passionate love and desire as she prepares to go on an adventure that would make her his queen.

In the letter, Shark expresses his confidence that his sister’s strength and knowledge will allow him to flourish even in a strange country. The letter mentioned a family reunion, which showed how committed the Black family was.

Mrs. Black’s wedding present and message are heartfelt tributes to her cherished ones and her family. She was moved to thank everyone who helped spread the word; it warmed her heart.

Miss Black found herself preparing for this unique day at the castle as the hours passed. She agrees to the servant’s suggestion to relax with a cup of tea as the wedding gets closer. However, she remained wary of the tea smell.

The tea did, however, smell like Fargaro leaves, which Miss Black had encountered when she was a witch and a maid. Just before the wedding, the women who cared for her every day were switched.

It was obvious that someone had intentionally shot her with this poison. Even a little amount of this medicine, much alone a greater dose, might cause lethal hallucinations. Miss Black had planned for a situation like this, and she was aware that she needed to be careful on the night of her wedding.

Her safety came before everything else, particularly with just one day till her wedding, regardless of who she was or why she was there. As the wedding day approached, Miss Black entered the reception hall with a range of emotions but was ready to meet the danger head-on. Nobody could jeopardize her future plans or her family’s future goals.

She had been anticipating the first night of her new existence. She was prepared to begin a significant task that she had been anticipating for a while: she was going to wed a demon. But there was one more unsolved query: what awaited Miss Black. She seemed confident and strong, wearing blood-red lipstick. 

Miss Black was aware of her special situation and how so many people, including the monster she was being married to, had been lured to her attractiveness. She was sure she could manage the unknown terrain in front of her.

Release date for Chapter 18 of Ways to Satisfy a Devil

On October 2, 2023, Ways to Satisfy a Devil Chapter 18 will be released. Here are the release dates for Ways to Satisfy a Devil Chapter 18 in different countries:

US: Monday, October 2, 2023, 9:00 AM EST; India: Monday, October 2, 2023, 6:30 PM IST

Australia: Monday, October 2, 2023 at 11:00 p.m.

On Monday, October 2, 2023, Japan will observe 10:00 PM JST and South Korea will observe 10:00 PM KST.

Where Can I Find Chapter 18 of Ways to Satisfy a Devil?

Ways to Satisfy a Devil Chapter 18 raw is available to readers on Kakao Page.