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The Wilds TV Show Filming Locations?Where Was this popular series filmed?

ByNishat Manzar

Sep 26, 2023
The Wilds TV Show Filming Locations

The Wilds, a drama series by American author Sarah Streicher, premiered back in 2020. It tells the tale of a few suffering survivors of an aircraft accident who are marooned on an uncharted island. However, it turns out that there was more to the tragedy than they first thought. If you want to learn more about the places where this amazing program was filmed, keep reading.

The Wilds, a new Prime Video series, stars Sophia Ali as well as Shannon Berry, Jenna Clause, Reign Edwards, Helena Howard, Erana James, Sarah Pidgeon, David Sullivan, and many more in various roles. 

Fans and critics alike responded favorably to the first season of this intriguing series, which premieres in 2020. They praised the fact that the show featured female survivors trapped on an island without outside assistance who were unaware that everything they were going through was part of a large social experiment. 

Based on the popularity of the first season, the program’s creators released a second season. However, when it was announced that the show had been officially canceled sometime in 2022, any chance of a third season was gone. 

Although the plots of both seasons become connected as the tale goes on, the first season only has females fighting to escape the accident, and the second only features guys. The producers delve deeply into the complicated lives of the boys and girls, and they do it so masterfully. 

The youthful ensemble gives their characters very realistic portrayals, making the program tremendously engrossing and addicting.

Filming Locations for The Wilds

New Zealand City of Auckland

This fascinating television series, The Wilds, was filmed in Auckland, New Zealand, during a significant chunk of its production. Both the first season and the second season’s shooting started in 2019. Overall, New Zealand is a gorgeous nation with a lot to offer filmmakers who may easily find inspiration there.

The most populous city in New Zealand, Auckland, served as the location for the filming of this particular episode. South Pacific Pictures, headquartered in Henderson at 8 Tolich Place, hosted some of the filming. The 1990 Commonwealth Games that were held in the nation shared one of the filming sites with the television program The Wilds.

Additionally, Auckland is home to several stunning black-sand beaches, some of which are even mentioned in the program. These beaches, including Muriwai Beach, Piha Beach, and Karioitahi Beach, were used in the program.

The program also utilised and depicted a suburban neighborhood close to Auckland’s west side in addition to the city itself. Swanson is the name of the settlement that was situated in a Waitakere Ranges’ enclave. The West Wave Pool, located at 20 Alderman Drive, close to Henderson, also served as the location for a handful of the show’s scenes. 

The West Wave Pool section was the same one that was used at the neighboring 1990 Commonwealth Games. Even while the beaches may have looked fantastic, the performers claim that the filming there wasn’t all that enjoyable. They discovered that the weather there was erratic and that they may encounter a variety of conditions in a single day.

Since the females weren’t treated well by the beaches, the lads were forced to shoot in Australia, particularly in Queensland, which must have been an entirely different experience for them.

Premier of Queensland Annastacia Palaszczuk and Minister for Communications, Urban Infrastructure, Cities, and the Arts Paul Fletcher made the announcement that the second season’s shooting will take place in Australia. 

It was done more so to add another successful show to the nation’s record of successful films and television series filmed there rather than to allow such a successful program to shoot in their country and for it to be available on a worldwide platform.