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Shakira Net Worth 2023 – Biography, Career, Albums, Family, Earnings

ByNishat Manzar

Sep 18, 2023

Shakira Net worth : Who is Shakira?

Shakira was born on February 2, 1977, as Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll in Barranquilla, Colombia, to Nidia Ripoll and William Mebarak Chadid. She has many half-siblings from his father’s first marriage. She began composing poems when she was four years old and has always had an affinity for the arts. She also enjoys dancing. Shakira used to perform songs and dances in front of her classmates when she was little.

Shakira is a very popular Colombian pop singer who is most recognized for her incredible dancing routines in the music video for her song “Hips Don’t Lie.” Around the globe, she has sold more than 70 million records. Shakira has always had a strong passion for music and penned her first poem when she was only four years old.

She used to dance in restaurants when she was young to the funky music.

Shakira is unique in that she can sing in many languages, including Spanish, English, and Portuguese. She has been able to connect with a variety of audiences all around the world because to her flexibility. 

Her gigs have grown to be known for her passionate performances and unique belly dance.

Shakira is renowned for her charitable work in addition to her musical accomplishments. She established the Barefoot Foundation, an organization dedicated to enhancing children’s health and education in underprivileged areas. She also actively supports children’s rights as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Shakira has received various honors, including multiple Grammy Awards and Latin Grammy Awards, for her contributions to the music business and her charity efforts. With her music and dedication to changing the world for the better, she continues to inspire many people.

Shakira Net Worth : Shakira’s professional history

Shakira’s first album, “Magia,” had a minor hit in Colombia when it was released in 1991 when she was only 13 years old. But her second album, “Peligro,” was what actually made her famous in her own country. Her third album, “Pies Descalzos,” which was published in 1995, was a tremendous commercial success and went on to win several prizes in Spain and Latin America. Six successful singles were produced from the album, which also earned positive reviews from reviewers.

To promote her music, she went on tour. She launched her album “Sale el Sol” in 2010 after the popularity of the single “Waka Waka.” The album received excellent reviews and had economic success all around the globe. The ninth studio album by Shakira was made available on March 25, 2014. She also sang the song “Dare (La La La)” during the 2014 FIFA World Cup’s closing ceremony in the same year.

What will Shakira’s Net worth be in 2023?

The whole globe is interested in learning this. She’s also known as the “Queen of Latin Music,” and she has recently announced the release of a new song with Fuerza Regida.

It’s named “El Jefe,” and it will probably be released on September 20. A few days are still remaining! Putting this aside, Shakira’s fans are most concerned about how much money she has earned thus far. The majority of the Colombian singer’s fortune is represented by money. 

Who has not heard of Shakira? She scarcely needs an introduction; she has been making Latin music history since 1990. If you’re seeking for Shakira’s greatest hits, you must listen to songs like She Wolf, El Dorado, Underneath Your Clothes, Copa Vacia, Girl Like Me, Monotonia, Don’t You Worry, Empire, Loca, Can’t Remember to Forget You, etc. 

Shakira is interested in more than just music, however. She has strong acting abilities and appeared in the drama El Oasis in 1994. Shakira contributed her voice to Zootopia in addition to this. She also owns the 2010-launched S by Shakira cosmetics brand. 

Returning to Shakira’s financial success, it comes mostly from her musical endeavors. This includes the selling of her songs and CDs, live performances, tours, and joint ventures. Additionally, her commercial endeavors are said to be another excellent source of revenue.

She teamed up with Bizarrap for his live streaming music session, and on January 11, 2023, their first joint effort, dubbed “BZRP Music Sessions #53,” was released. Although Shakira doesn’t rap, the combination of her melodic voice and the great rhythms has made for a pleasure for fans. Bizarrap develops original beats for famous Shakira to transmit their parts throughout the music session.

Shakira’s Net Worth in 2023: Earnings Information

In terms of money, Shakira is expected to have a staggering $300 million in net worth by 2023. Shakira, who is a successful singer, actor, voice artist, and entrepreneur, made the most of her opportunity as previously indicated. Shakira’s income throughout the years have grew, and with it, her workload’s demands. She did, however, face tax evasion accusations in 2018, which she eventually resolved. 

When we speak about Shakira’s net worth in 2023, we should note that it has been boosted by her participation in other projects like The Voice and the Super Bowl Halftime Show. One must remember that Shakira’s success in selling 125 million copies of her songs and albums worldwide is the main factor in her wealth. 

Do you want to know Shakira’s net worth in more detail? 

She earned $20 million in 2012, making her the highest-paid woman in the music industry at the moment. Later, it increased to $35 million.

It has been rising steadily ever since. Shakira sold the Hipgnosis Songs Fund her publishing catalogue in 2021. Even though the deal’s price was kept a secret, it was said to be worth about $100 million. 

The Hips Don’t Lie singer agreed to a $300 million, ten-year deal with Live Nation a number of years ago, namely in 2008. She allegedly made $12 million in pay in 2013 from her work as a coach and mentor on The Voice.

Shakira formerly worked as the executive producer of the NBC dancing competition program Dancing with Myself. The singer’s earnings from the series are unknown, although they are thought to be substantial. 

Shakira made specific real estate purchases due to her excessive net worth in 2023. She had owned a home in Miami, which she advertised for $11.6 million in 2018. Shakira also has a home in the Bahamas. 

Shakira’s collection of vehicles is too important to ignore, surely. It is really spectacular and comprises of the Tesla Model S, Audi A7 Sportback, BMW X6, Mercedes-Benz SLK250, Seat Leon, Mercedes S-Class, Mini Cooper, Jeep Wrangler, and Audi Q7. If Shakira makes any other car purchases, we’ll keep you updated. 

Shakira’s Business Efforts

She has established herself in several business endeavors in addition to her great singing career, which has helped to increase her riches. Her fragrance line, where she has introduced a number of scents bearing her name and which have proven to be lucrative, is one of her most prominent business endeavors. She is a shrewd businesswoman who runs her own clothes, jewelry, and accessory brand called “S by Shakira,” which is well-liked by her followers.

Shakira’s Net Worth 2017-2023

Net Worth in 2023 $300 Million

  In 2022 $300 Million

Net Worth in 2021 $250 Million

Net Worth in 2020 $230 Million

Net Worth in 2019 $200 Million 

Net Worth in 2018 $180 Million 

Net Worth in 2017 $150 Million

Shakira signs a record contract with Sony

Shakira was supported by her father, who helped her stand her own in the face of her music teacher’s intimidation and criticism. In actuality, Shakira finally chose to embrace her talents rather than listen to her detractors. Shakira signed a three-record contract with Sony Music Columbia at the age of only 13.

Shakira was able to release her first studio album, Magia, via Sony Music Columbia. Magia wasn’t exactly a commercial triumph, however. Only 1,200 album copies of Shakira’s first studio album were ever sold worldwide. 

Success in the English music sector

Shakira released Laundry Service, her first English-language album, in 2001. With 13 million copies sold worldwide, Laundry Service would become Shakira’s best-selling album to date. Additionally, the RIAA would award Laundry Service a 4x Platinum certification.

Shakira released her second English album, Oral Fixation Vol. 2, four years later. This album was likewise a huge success, selling 2.9 million album sales globally. It would also rank as her third-best-selling album overall. Hips Don’t Lie, Something, Don’t Bother, and Illegal are just a few of Oral Fixation Vol. 2’s standout songs. Shakira would get a Grammy nomination for Hips Don’t Lie.

She Wolf and a self-titled album are among Shakira’s other English-language releases. The Hips Don’t Lie vocalist won her first Grammy for Best Latin Pop Album with the self-titled album.

Playing in Super Bowl LIV

We all saw the Kansas City Chiefs defeat the San Francisco 49ers 31-20 in Super Bowl LIV. But the Super Bowl Halftime Show was also a must-see. Following their electrifying performance together, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, and Emme Muniz, the latter’s daughter, stole the stage. The NFL pays for production and logistical expenditures even though entertainers are often underpaid. According to estimates, the NFL was forced to pay Shakira and Lopez $13 million for their performance. Additionally, every musician normally experiences an increase in record sales after the NFL Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Shakira’s selection as a judge for the renowned singing competition TV series The Voice wasn’t unexpected given her outstanding musical career. She received $12 million every season as compensation for her participation as a judge on the program, according to sources. The three-time Grammy Award winner participated as a judge on seasons four and six of The Voice.

Shakira is a judge on Dancing With Myself in addition to The Voice. The specifics of her contract with the program have not yet been made public, however.